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Cinematographer for various short films (16mm & video), including Kiss and Run, (Dir. Hollie Harper; won Best Comedy in The American Theater of Harlem’s Film Festival Cultures Collide), and Prodigy, which screened at NYC’s Film Forum.

Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor for many shorts, including the 25 minute Veneer and Loathing: The Pollatix of Grain and Periphery, in which I covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention for Kenneth Cole Productions.

Writer/Director/Actor/Producer for the weekly News With Nezua online video series featuring latino and immigration-centric commentary and performance. Picked up by sites like La Frontera Times and Nuestra Voice.

Owner and Artist: BLAZING HEART PRODUCTIONS (Video, Digital Art, Print Art, Audio, Photography, Site Design/Graphics). Past logo, flyer, and site design work includes clients LatinaLista.net, XOLAGRAFIK.com, All About Race, DreamActivist.org, Latinos in Social Media, Netroots Nation, MTV News, and many others.

Print Illustrator. Credits include Chronogram Magazine, GODS, GACHUPINES AND GRINGOS: A People’s History of Mexico, Reader’s Digest Digital Video (2005), digital art, and more

MTV Choose or Lose Citizen Journalist/Videographer Representing Oregon
I entered a state-wide competition to represent Oregon as on on-the-ground reporter/shooter/editor/anchor for the Choose or Lose Citizen Journalist Street Team. I won.

Recipient of a 2010 Narco News scholarship to the School of Authentic Journalism on the Yucatán peninsula. [Sadly, I did not attend.]

namwardbadge• A Founding Editor of The Sanctuary (promigrant.org), a Human Rights and Progressive Values site featured on CNN, Satellite radio, Washington Post, and winner of the New America Media 2009 Best Blogger on Ethnic Perspectives Award.

Panel Member of Online100 – “The first-ever survey of the top 100 online voices and bloggers tracking trends and attitudes heading toward the 2008 Election Day.” Other members include Mike Allen, Jerome Armstrong, Mark Blumenthal, Sid Blumenthal, Jay Carney, John Fund, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Halperin, Jane Hamsher, Arianna Huffington, Charles Johnson, Ken Layne, Dana Milbank, Karl Rove, Roy Sekoff, Ken Silverstein, Jake Tapper, Michael Tomasky, Joe Trippi and Danny Wattenberg. [Results of 2008 Election Year Predictor Poll]

Officially Credentialed Blogger for both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention [a video or two here]

Winner of one of eight 2009 Netroots Nation America’s Voice Immigration Scholarships. Also winner of a 2010 Netroots Nation Democracy for America/America’s Voice Immigration Blogger Scholarship.


Commonweal Institute Fellow. The Commonweal Institute is a non-partisan alliance of independent thinkers leading conversations in media outlets and social networks about our shared values as Americans and progressive approaches to solving problems.

Film Review for Pacifica Radio

Author/Illustrator of SCARY: A Book of Horrible Things for Kids, nominated by Foreword Magazine as 2005 Book of the Year (Juvenile Non Fiction), praised by Newbery Award Winning author Lloyd Alexander as well as Kirkus Reviews and many others

Author published in Chican@ Art Magazine, Latino Perspectives Magazine, La Voz de Esperanza, others

Immigration Blogger for The Media Consortium

Vlogger/Commentator, weekly videos picked up by various sites/outlets.

Speaker/Panelist/Consultant on immigration as well as culture/ethnicity and race in media. 2010 invitations include

-Speaker at Kirwan Institute‘s March 2010 event Transforming Race: Crisis and Opportunity in the age of Obama

– Panelist for The French-American Foundation’s international symposium on immigration in media: Ethnic Media in North America and Europe: A Comparative Approach, in Miami.

– Keynote Speaker at Michigan State University’s November 2010 Brown Pride event.

– Founding Partner and Creative Director at Digital Stoneworks.