Is the DEA Dealing Drugs in Your Neighborhood?

YOU CAN TRUST THE BANKS. You can trust the NSA. You can trust the FDA. You can trust the DEA. You can trust the police. Because all these organizations act in the name of what is best for The People. Except what if that’s complete and utter bullshit? What, then?

The DEA is not dealing drugs in your neighborhood! Silly. That would be like Colonel Sanders working behind the counter of KFC, handing out change and greasy chicken wrapped in wax paper. No, like the CEOs of KFC, the DEA outsources the labor. In the case of the DEA, to one of the largest cartels in Mexico. The Sinoloa Cartel, to be specific.

In the 12 year alliance with one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels, we have to ask ‘how much drugs has the DEA helped import into the USA?’


But let’s back up a moment.

It’s important to keep your eye on the horizon. Learning to drive, you will be taught that staring at the road right in front of your car’s hood will leave you with no reaction time, and increase your chances of having an accident. You learn to watch the road at the horizon. This will keep you informed of everything headed your way. This is a simple concept that will aid your critical understanding of everything in your life. Keeping a broad overview of your terrain will best prepare you to navigate it.

In the case of gangs like the DEA, they are not here to keep you informed. Like most gangs, they are about consolidating their own power. In public, their spokespersons will throw out all kinds of disinformation and PR chaos-control. Running back and forth trying to decipher the boilerplate from the reality will leave you slamming your brakes, wasting gas, swerving left and right, and eventually, slamming your mental filters into each and every piece of detritus coming down the parkway. You will end up confused and distracted and unsure—exactly how modern media empires and plutocrats want you.

So lift the eyes and suss out the patterns over time. Form your picture of people and things from a more detached and thoughtful place. Factor in all the info that comes your way from various sources and readings. The lens that includes context and experience and history is a more reliable one. The lens that trusts the eye behind it is unshakable. Trust your inner eye.

The Surreal NezuaThe broad overview of authorities like the DEA ought be an extremely cynical one. That is the only rational view, given the current nature of our national moral compass, and the modern ‘enlightened and civilized’ state of human consciousness, as well as its unfortunate predilection toward power, and greed. The sad truth is that you are safer holding every single publicized statement and action of the NSA, the CIA, the FDA, and the DEA (and many other “authorities” entrusted to act in our collective good) in contemptuous regard until thoroughly investigated and proven to be true and made in an effort to benefit the People. This is not paranoia, but intelligence. An unfortunate truth proven again and again by the lies revealed to us.

Look to the logic of the court system the USA holds as sacrosanct. If you tell baldfaced lies or show yourself to be a practiced deceiver on the witness stand, a jury of your peers will be instructed to treat everything you say, henceforth, with prejudice. And they would be right to do so.

So there is right there, if not to be found anywhere else, a guiding principle for analysis of events in society. It is an extremely simple one, although the pace and incoherence of the national Newsy Dialogue are incompatible with the formation of sound contextual insight.

To me, though, it seems plain as day that when multiple banks are exposed for their practice of singling out Spanish-speaking brown skinned people for loans the banks don’t think will be repaid and for higher rates than whites, or for it is an obvious conclusion that the US banking system practices institutionalized racism; specifically, against people from Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other countries where Spanish is the language most in use. (Banks are not alone in this practice.) And when it is shown how differently banks maintain foreclosed properties in white neighborhoods versus in other neighborhoods, it is correct to assume that the institutionalized racism in the banking system is not limited to the bronze skinned Spanish-speaking.

When police shoot unarmed Black men and women and boys and girls dead for nothing more than the entrenched racism in their own minds, you are right to suspect the machinery of the Police system of deep White Supremacist corruption, specifically, anti-Black racism.

When the NSA makes a big deal of assuring us constantly that they only collect Y-data and then are shown to be collecting and recording X-data, you are correct to assume they are comfortable lying to us and treating us as subjects with no constitutional rights. (A note on White Prioritizing: Unlike the aforementioned examples, White people are largely on board with the NSA outrage because now intrusive and oppressive policing tactics are targeting white people, unlike the extrajudicial police executions that have historically plagued the Black community, or the Stop and Frisk policies that harass countless Latinos and Blacks and thus make whites feel safer).

And when the DEA comes out against Marijuana decriminalization claiming

Legalization of Marijuana will come at the expense of our children and public safety”

DEA 2006

and then the DEA is revealed to have been arming Mexican cartels and making deals with them to allow the smuggling into the USA of tons of Marijuana, you are correct in assuming that the DEA is morally bankrupt and engaged in hypocrisy so deep as to be completely discounted in the modern dialogue about the societal cost/benefits of Marijuana Prohibition. The DEA has forfeited its voice on this issue.

As the clamor for legalizing marijuana peaks in US, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) remains adamant on its stand that smoked marijuana is harmful.

Why DEA is Against Legalizing Smoked Marijuana

Again: the DEA strongly believes Marijuana to be a threat to our society. That is why they help bring billions of dollars worth of the drug not just into Chicago but into “cities across the US“!

In light of the whole truth, the DEA’s unyielding stance on Marijuana decriminalization looks grossly cynical. After all, if Marijuana were legally grown and sold across the entire USA instead of just in Washington and Colorado (and the states that have decriminalized medical marijuana), that certainly would undercut the DEA’s bargaining power with the cartel as well as the cartel’s business! In fact, the conflict between the DEA’s actions and public statements reinforces the argument that the Cartels’ powers are magnified and aided by US Marijuana Prohibition.

Look, this post is not about Marijuana. If it were, I’d talk to you about it as a sacred plant that contains powerful medicine for the heart and eyes and body and mind. I’d speak of the need to ask why a plant that most the nation knows fully well to be innocuous in terms of what we already allow people to consume is so feared by so many corrupt and powerful agencies.

in all your blinding gloryNo, this post is about the very organized world before our eyes; about the liars who pose as agents of morality; about hypocrisy and power and about keeping your mind safe.

I don’t really care how you feel about any acronym, nor if you smoke Marijuana. But I do want you to keep your mind and heart protected from the agents of chaos who pollute our airwaves, media sources, think tanks, and televisions.

I am not at all surprised by this news about the DEA. I have been following English and Spanish news on Mexico, immigration, and US involvement in Latin America since earliest El Grito days. I don’t think I was writing at the specific time when the Fast and Furious drama broke out (hiatus), but I knew in my bones it was nothing like the reporting was pretending, and that the US’ tracks were being covered. And I knew it would come out in time.

And now it has.

But…US media will still discuss the opinions of the DEA on Marijuana prohibition or drug use in general as if those opinions ought matter to thinking people. And most people in the USA will still think of Mexico as something corrupt that the good, devout, patriotic agents of US government strive daily to keep at bay.

There is truth to be felt and seen, should one desire this.

Today, confusion reigns. It is no accident. It is the common tongue of our modern day society.


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  1. sweetleaf says:

    this is why I am glad to have you back here – diggin and feelin for the truth, and then ppp it on for the rest of us to breath in, hold, and exhale.
    DEA seems to have taken this like under the radar administrative direction, leaving ground work to the area’s drug task force to set bust up, and fucking ICE for enforcement? with swat of course, at the bust. I found it curious ICE’s constant appearaces at busts in regionalized areas like the northwest, and these friggin area “drug task forces”… I hear they have a task force for the bakken…is this a business model used all over the states? I don’t know what the DEA does these days besides bust mm enterprises?… everything these days definately has the feel of an agenda…
    anyway yes the lies…

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