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JUDGING BY THE EGREGIOUS SILENCE on mainstream U.S. infotainment stations, one might assume that the life and premeditated murder of an innocent child is only worth our compassion and outrage if she is white. Because the brutal shooting and home invasion that swallowed up the life of nine year-old Brisenia Flores has had a hard time getting any play on major “news” outlets.

AND SO IT FALLS ON US here at UMX—as well as at other blogs and independent news sites—to spread the word; to remember the name and smile of Brisenia Flores; to make clear that this killing is no isolated event perpetrated by a couple “crazies,” but is woven tightly to the anti-Mexican/anti-immigrant/anti-Latin@ sentiment that festers in so many layers of popular US culture.

From the fearful, punitive talk about immigrants espoused by Republican and Democratic politicians alike, to the video games that posit Mexicans as criminal invaders, to the movies that only present Latinos as gangbangers or cocaine kingpins or street thieves or knife wielding degenerates, to the movements in states like Arizona to wipe out Chican@ culture and history and aim to have us living in fear, to the judicial brutality and disproportionate police punishments meted out to the brownskinned, signals are continually broadcast to the public at large that mark us as less than human and offer us as viable targets for derision, fear, and violence.

Uncovering that—clearly—is far too big a story for any station today to break.

This episode of News With Nezua throws a pointed jeer at the contortions these mainstream news sites must adopt in order to justify turning away from this particular story and stories like this.

This episode of News With Nezua is brought to you by Center for New CommunityYouTube version here.

Past episodes of News With Nezua are archived here.


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    2. Oso says:

      You did this up good, ‘mano.You did it right too – I think “tongue in cheek” was more effective than a rant, although yo se tu corazon era bravo, bravo como ahuizote. You did well,man. No mas goodboy, que no?

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    4. Jess says:

      Just FYI, the first paragraph of your posts are not showing up in the RSS feed, at least on greader for me…

    5. Don’t you think Mexico should have a revolution like Eqypt?

    6. Well, I meant an effective revolution. It hurts me that Mexico has at least two “independence” days but is still, and increasingly, shackled.

      Of course the jury’s still out about effective-revolution with Egypt — I think *that’s* the fault in what I said, not the question of another revolution.

      • nezua says:

        Perhaps, though to be honest, I wasn’t looking for any fault. I was just wondering if you were sort of leaping off of the energy of what was happening in Africa without really considering the context and history that makes Egypt and México so very different. And they are. So it’s hard to transpose the events from one to the other, are my thoughts.

        You are right, México is effectively shackled, but in large part by what the USA wants. Who would they revolt against? It would have to be more than México. FeCal was installed to begin with, and with the help of the same team who helped Bush Jr. cheat his way into office. But its NAFTA and WTO policies that have helped really crush the economy, and that’s not México so much as it is the USA.

        As far as “Effective” revolutions, well. México drove the Spanish and the French out of their land, so that seems pretty effective to me. But when you are talking about the grip of global economic gangsters and the elite powers who suppress and exploit people of all lands, who can be effective against that? The people of the USA surely haven’t been, so far. So, I think we ought look to our own shackles first, as American citizens. I guess that’s what I think when I look at Egypt.

        • LuckyLuke says:

          That is a well put statement . The American People are to busy being undereducated divided talking points to take the time to look at the facts !!! And that is that all of us are held by the same shackles . Corrupt Fiat Currency controlled by a primarily Eupopean Banking Cartel with a global agenda !! I am trying to advocate the re-in statement of the Bracerros Program . This is a proven alternative that solves a major problem . The origional program which was unfortunately ended instead of rehabilitated worked very well !! I like most Americans do not believe in amnesty but I do not believe in people being Illigal either !!! The American people and the Mexican people can’t help each other if we continue to be divided by a corrupt 2 party political agenda !!! By American I include every race creed and religion . People have to stop being labels . We have to respectfully be humans and realize we only vote for the politician . We don’t write the policy and we must realize the American political Agenda for what it is . Try to educate each other and peacefully vote these people out of power !! Many Americans have issue with Illigal Immigration but do not realize we have already had a proven alternative !!! We have an alternative to False State run Propoganda Media . We just need to figure out how to peacefully use the tools we have to educate people so that people can learn the importance of freedom to vote and use it !!!

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