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sunlight on skeletons

GIVE ME THE WIND, the water, and the touch of someone close. And give me stories. Stories of clear-eyed humans, of paths lined with golden wheat that sways in the sun, trod by brave souls undertaking important journeys.

YESTERDAY’S SICK WARMONGERING SCION OF AMERICA, George W. Bush, once appeared on television and sternly scolded the People for taking television too seriously.

That is, this pampered rich boy who had every thing stolen for him in his life, swaggered up on his pulpit and berated the entire nation, warning us not to have too many emotions and thoughts due to all the televised news about death in Iraq; about suicide bombings in Iraq; about the Empire spasms that lashed out taking lives, maiming babies, weeping spent uranium. “The explosions on your TV.”

And I think that little irony there says it all about today’s media, about today’s “News” channels. We are supposed to take them seriously, even as they tell us not to do so. An inverted knot of suppressed and sublimated emotion and mangled thought process is how they’d have us. A busted open container they can pour poison into. But before that, like a vampire, suck up the energies and spirit of so many, and from all sides of the political spectrum. Inside this beast’s festering jaws are clenched a fabricated world brightly and wretchedly illuminated as if by 100,000 limbs set alight by white phosphorus.

Inside that box, the Iraq disaster is done with. Inside that box, it makes sense to keep bleeding billions into the Afghanistan sands. Inside that box, no important questions matter. Inside that box, your own heart and mind can’t fit. What would (does) our world look like outside of that box?

Today’s Right wing is not worth listening to any more than it makes sense to stick your arm into a spinning garbage disposal. What of those those who watch these hell-hearted plasticmen and seethe? Or mock them on a blog? Or debunk TV arguments every day of the year? A massive amount of energy and time is spent doing this. It’s sort of weird. Who do they watch for? Not for me. Some will claim it is a service. Do they do it for you? They deplete their own energies, and accomplish what? What is accomplished each day by doing this?

In truth, I’m sure it is a service for a few. Is it the most valuable service? Perhaps not. What of pooling all that time, pooling any monies, and creating a new station. Or perhaps a new network via radios. Yes, radio. This tool that many more people can use, and even carry mobile. A tool that many of lesser means can broadcast with, no less.

And to do what? Simply reporting the state of the world as it truly is. Sowing the airwaves with hope, with positivity, with history lessons. With plans, with campaigns, with community. Completely tuning out the false narrative as you would tune out  a sick individual on a corner, ranting about death, devils, and disaster. Would you follow that person around, reinterpreting all their madness for the crowd? Would you shout side by side and call it a service?

This motion is not so much popular, though. The shape of thought that would completely swerve away and build something new in the place of something unsightly, unsafe, or unsound. Is that a revolutionary act? It is, by definition. Reform seeks to take something broken and reshape it. Redundancy says do it over and over even when it does nothing much. Revolution says that Thing is not worth reshaping, nor is it worth your energies and time. Revolutionary thought says you have the power and means and ability to make something new, in place of the old. But today’s Left is not revolutionary, of course.

Lately I hear a lot about how while so many are misguidedly blaming ALL muslims for 9/11, it was only a small cadre of radical extremist muslims who attacked us on 9/11.

Is that true?

Do you even know–as a person–who attacked us on 9/11? I don’t. How am I to know? How are we to know? I still have the newspaper where some foggy screen caps of a Fake Osama Bin Laden were shown supposedly crowing about the WTC attacks. For a tape that would be the hardest evidence in USA possession of who made the biggest hit on our country in its entire history, it faded out of existence very fast, eh? But then, I already said it’s fake.

Do you know it was the Taliban? Really? Why? Because your TV told you? Because the lying, corrupt government told you? That same government that was making deals with the Taliban in August of 2001? The same government that has been trying to sink its derricks into Central Asian oil fields for years? Why? Because they claimed 19 passports floated out of the completely exploded plane down onto the street and somehow stuck out in all that clutter, debris, ash, and litter?

What evidence do we have that the WTC were taken down by the people our government claims? What evidence personally? What trials brought to light the guilty? What process made this clear? What oracle pronounced this truth? The very same TV that our own government’s head of state told us not to take seriously? What forces forbade you to question this? The Right, and yes, the Left, too. From Bill Maher to DailyKos—earnest questions about this catastrophe that changed everything in our nation, from law to war to monies spent in congress, to school lessons—were verboten. Despite the shabbiest case ever built against any major crime. And those who insisted we examine it were demonized by those same Liberal forces, as we are today. Just as it has been the Liberals overwhelmingly leading the charge to sneer at those of us who still believe in protest, rallies, and boycotts.

That is your (Professional) Left.

Obviously, in 2010, what is ancient is again new. The empire is well into its recycling phase. We see conquer and divide. Hucksters and snake oil salesmen. Blatant class war. PSYOPS and a host of control mechanisms to provide a manufactured reality that keeps the People scattered, confused, scared, angry, and mostly, full of fake information. We were attacked and traumatized a decade ago, lied to about it by those who are supposed to protect us and be of us, and this rending of the truth helped destroy us as a confident and sane people.

We tried again to hope and believe in truth when Obama was elected, but as much as some “progressives” still cling to their ideology and party, it’s clear on a gut level that we were had and that the strongest forces in our nation today are those of war, greed, and deception.

And now, nobody believes in much of anything anymore as a result. And we are fast unraveling. Truth means nothing and TV pays it not even the tribute of a gesture. Racism is part of everyday speech, political campaigns, and dialogue. Hate groups are hand in hand with government. White supremacists roam the border and carry badges and guns, too. Laws that let police be even more racist in their operations than before are being launched left and right.

Even those who fight every day to maintain belief know, in their belly, that the game is rotten to the core. This is driving us mad, it is wrecking national sanity. Or causing people to simply turn away.

It’s not just because Obama is black that the nation is flipping out. It’s also because all the illusions of national identity and ideology that we were given as children have fallen apart. Now naked power rules, and shows itself in gross class war and cooked up news shows, court rulings, and police actions that make clear who will be okay tomorrow, and who will not. Those of us with little money or position understand we will soon be living in mildewed tents on the outskirts, while those with money or power will continue to enjoy tax breaks, ballrooms, and well-buttered toast smothered with imported jams.

Dreams of justice and fairness have been toppled.

Once that sinks in fully, things will become very ugly indeed. But many of us are in denial, in shock, or yet to see the final foundation buckling. Still listening to the siren song of TV.

Were there someone or some ones capable of organizing even a fraction of us—they’d need lots of money, and yet not to be beholden to the ideology of the Right—we might have a chance against our enemies. Our enemies are greed and disinformation. And a state out of control. It is those same illusions given us as children. It is the inertia that shoves us cliffward. It is the voice of the Television. It is today’s Liberal brain, brain like a slave, stooped over with the load of delusion, but weary and with no place to go to get away from it. The Left is a zombie holding a flag, with all its sly use of the Right’s most drastic weapons, with its reinforcing at key moments, what harms the People, with no real plan or courage to enact something better, something revolutionary. At every juncture where the Left might make a real stand and make a difference, it suddenly caves in. Just when the People might again hope or benefit. But it must. Because, you see, even the “left” politicians on the national stage know the deal. They hold no hope for justice or truth, either. But LIBERAL is their brand and they are stuck with it.

The GOP? The GOP is but the blood-flecked ID expanding like a rogue universe of wicked cells, the diseased and disintegrating lobe of the human condition. The freaked out, frantic, midnight acid-head mind that whips and coils like a half-smashed snake in the sand.

I’m not better than anyone else in all of this. I soothe myself with TV, too. I dive deeply into illusion. I simply happen to turn to it for storytelling, for movies. Otherwise, I’ll be out in nature. Give me the sun, the wind, the water, and the touch of someone close to me. And give me stories. Stories of clear-eyed humans, of paths lined with golden wheat that sways in the sun, trod by brave souls undertaking important journeys. Give me stories of unpolluted hearts, and simple, wise, and humble humans. Give me stories of the past, of over there, of a day faraway. A day when this looming tower of babbling bullshit has finally collapsed and lain itself upon the ground to bake and bleach under an aging sun, before long to be but a skeleton for tomorrow’s mountains.


    1. sunlight on skeletons:
      YESTERDAY’S SICK WARMONGERING SCION OF AMERICA, George W. Bush, once appeared on televisio… http://bit.ly/d5cHWy

      This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    2. SJR says:

      So many thoughts and emotions with this…it’s difficult to generate a singular response. It makes me think of Rage’s “Bullet in the Head” where Zack talks about the in-house drive-by – that’s television. I am also reminded of some of the scenes from Natural Born Killers where we see families from the 50’s – happy and glowing – watching murder, mayhem and war on their televisions – they smile, laugh, toast their glasses and eat pot roast. How does Mickey Knox say it? Most of us are already dead, we just don’t know it yet. I truly and honestly believe that. WE don’t need a night of the living dead – we already have it.

      As much as I hate to say this, the old revolutions are dead. The proverbial “they” have made sure to kill or lock up anyone who could possibly enact real change. Any one who dares to tell the truth has been killed. If any of us really thought that Obama could really, really change things for the better and erase some of the evil that exists, they would have already killed him.

      We are all lost in the ether of mass media. Arizona is a perfect example of this – people were swept up in emotion as long as it was media-fresh but as soon as the coverage trailed off so did the interest/activism. Where are they now? Will they vote or simply tune in to Monday Night Football?

      I think the only reason any of us bother is because the only real power we have is documentation – hope is for fools but hopefully, one day in the future when history looks us over with contempt, they will see that not all of us were evil/hateful/fascist/pawns/slavesetc. They will see that some of us resisted as long as we could…for whatever that’s worth in history’s footnotes.

      You do what you do because you are compelled to. We each have the power to take care of ONLY our own because that’s all any of us can do.

      Anyway, great, thought-provoking piece of writing. I hope you continue to fight the good fight for as long as you can. I wish my response was more coherent but there’s too many things to consider and not respond with an encyclopedia.

      I’ll leave you with a piece I wrote about television – an invention I believe that has led us to exactly where we are now…which is fucked. Peace, bro.

      “Why Are You Watching?” http://www.brokenswordpublications.com/?p=1613

      • nezua says:

        Well said. Your response was plenty “coherent” to me, bro.

        I really loved the last couple lines of that piece of writing you linked. Ka-pow. Television as a powerful if not malevolent, timeless, reincarnated force. As it is our own virtual third eye, that seems right. And how would a species get rid of its own night terrors, its own haunted visions?

        • Gary Gletty says:

          2 things:

          I just heard an interview on NPR with a fellow who does research on people who deliberately mislead the public. The emphasis was on the Right. He said that his research shows that the best way to counteract lies is not with the truth, but with evidence that debunks the liars.

          You asked about the perpetrators of 9/11. I know nothing, personally, either. However, I do remember seeing names and pictures being published after the fact. As I recall, almost all of them were from Saudi Arabia, the country from which we did not seek redress.

          • nezua says:

            Yes, agreed. That is but one of an avalanche of clues that all is not as it was presented regarding the WTC attacks. It stares you in the face demanding mention, or excuse…but never gets one that satisfies. Aside from that fact that somewhere in that mountain of rubble has been buried one hell of a gargantuan con job.

            As far as evidence to rebut the lies…the problem is all the powers that be–and as I pointed out, even the Professional Left–are united in their not seeking evidence of any kind when it comes to 9/11. And on the broader issue of the Right’s regular liefests, a good point. But they move so fast, conjuring up new ridiculous talking points that there is no room to rebut or provide evidence, because they don’t care for a discussion, just for sowing confusion and chaos. So if anyone were to rebut with evidence that shows their claims to be lies…well, they’d just keep moving and whip up a new outlandish “idea” with which to poison the public before you could blink.

    3. cherylcolan says:

      Hell. @NewswithNezua ripped my heart out and splattered it’s aching essence all over his blog: sunlight on skeletons http://j.mp/bR2OBT

      This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by cheryl colan, Left of Liberal. Left of Liberal said: sunlight on skeletons: YESTERDAY’S SICK WARMONGERING SCION OF AMERICA, George W. Bush, once appeared on televisio… http://bit.ly/d5cHWy […]

    5. Alejandro says:

      Nice Piece Nez!

      Things are really fucked up right now. It seems like people let stereotypes and emotions drive them instead of reason. Reading this was a bit scary. It reminded me of a part in George Orwell’s book, 1984, when the people have to stand in front of a big screen and watch images that are put there by “big brother,” and all of a sudden the people go nuts and get pissed off and start yelling and screaming at the screen. That’s what’s happening now. People watch TV and which ever images come on, those are the people that they now hate. Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, communists, etc. etc. whoever is “our” enemy. It’s sad how people are manipulated and are so gullible. “the power lies in the proles…”

      It’s sad that there are so many wars going on at once. War on terror, class war, race war, war on drugs etc. etc. It’s like peace and love is not even cool anymore. We need more thinkers and leaders and maybe extremists. jk.

      • nezua says:

        Yeah, it’s a bit terrifying…and more so, disappointing. Then again, I’ve felt disappointed by mankind since I was very young. Some days I feel very hopeful, or unfazed by the noise and the pace at which we lag. And then some days it feels overwhelming.

        Stay strong.

    6. Anna Renee says:

      Hello Nezua. Very deep piece. The media does seem to have complete control over the masses. But I, being an eternal optimist, have to do my bit and warn you and everyone else, that as the media has manufactured so much madness, and amplified it, just maybe it has made us believe that there is no sanity anywhere anymore. THAT may be manufactured as well. The media always looks so much bigger than it actually is. Maybe it’s like the Wizard of Oz, just a small broken thing with a bullhorn in its hand.

      • nezua says:

        Anna, I think what you say is true in a very important sense. Life–as in life as it courses through us, life the eternal present, life the unchanging–is vast, bigger than this phony story the media tells, stronger than these clowns, and truer than the chaos ever could be, despite how large a shadow it throws.

        I never meant to say there is no sanity anywhere. In fact, my passage about nature reflects where I return to find my own sanity, or one of the places. Tho again, your words are wise. The media does amplify the madness. Which is why I dip in and then dance out…too long in that thrall and I’d be done for.

        I suppose that little broken thing with the bullhorn worries me so much because it is a bullhorn that so many are plugged into, which is what I was saying about TV. And when so many take it as real, this chaos becomes real. and more so, the class division I spoke of is very real. As manifested in laws, police powers, and so on.

        And more so, the little broken thing worries me because it has weapons and makes war around the world. That is real. And that has nothing to do with a bullhorn. In fact, that is a truth that the bullhorn ignores so that we are not paying attention to that part.

        No, there is plenty wrong right now. And it is very worrisome.

        On the other hand, as you point out, there is very much right, too. And I agree, we have to dwell there as much as possible. So as not to go mad, so as not to amplify what is wrong.

        On the other hand…does being calm and at peace and in tune with what is right mean we turn away from what is wrong? Sometimes I think so. And then sometimes I wonder who will fight for what is right and against what is wrong, if that is so.

        Thank you for the insight, and speaking your truth.

    7. Arban says:

      Wow, I really needed that, Nezua, that was beautiful. I think you speak so eloquently for so many of our hearts and souls, you have a beautiful Gift.

      (I finally got my iPhone, even though I am still without a desktop maybe for the rest of the year…taking time off the net has been meaningful but glad to be able to read your posts and see your videos again. The Terror Babies video was gorgeous btw)

    8. anjamd says:

      RT @unapologeticmex: Órale! New Post: sunlight on skeletons:
      YESTERDAY’S SICK WARMONGERING SCION OF AMERICA, George W. Bush, once appe… http://bit.ly/997l1L

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    9. RT @nezua: Órale! New Post: sunlight on skeletons: YESTERDAY’S SICK WARMONGERING SCION OF AMERICA, http://bit.ly/d5cHWy

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    10. bob in exile says:

      Nezua… I saw this coming oh such a long time ago…in the 60’s I thought, surely there will be an uprising against Nixon and his henchmen, but no the “Establishment” had plan “B” ready.
      Where are the underground newspapers, the revolutionaries? They all melted away and were retrained with TV propaganda.
      I couldn’t take it any more and I left, now I’m in Mexico ( Please don’t throw me in that briar patch Brer Fox). Just waiting for the shooting to commence ant to see who’s left standing. Unfortunately the rich have the big guns, but VietNam showed the French & the USA what can happen… even so the poor will be ground into dust.

    11. YCarrillo4 says:

      RT @nezua sunlight on skeletons http://bit.ly/bPZ1vx #awesome

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      appeared on television and sternly scolded… http://fb.me/ItM2hSx5

      This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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