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News With Nezua | Clowns on the Left, Jokers to the Right

THIS WEEK, News With Nezua touches on the Republicans’ inane “debate” on rescinding birthright citizenship in the USA (14th Amendment), the Democrats’ $600 million bill for drones and “military style bases” on the Mexican border, and Felipe Calderón’s War on Drugs that has claimed almost 30,000 lives since 2006.

News With Nezua vids first appear Monday mornings at La Frontera Times. Wednesdays they show up at UMX. (Truncated) YouTube version here.


    1. News With Nezua | Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right:

      News With Nezua vids first appear Monday mornings at … http://bit.ly/bGgapT

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    3. cherylcolan says:

      Stuck in the middle (of the political abyss) with @NewsWithNezua http://j.mp/9We8i9 – send my friend your support if you can!

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    4. RT @unapologeticmex: Órale! New Post: News With Nezua | Clowns on the Left, Jokers to the Right:

      News With Nezua vids first appear Mo… http://bit.ly/bz2iBk

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    5. […] and nothing for the rest, not even an opportunity at something.  As stated in the most recent News with Nezua “They just want you to suffer, and them to succeed.”  Then I came across this article […]

    6. $600 million to fight the indigenous hordes http://bit.ly/cY4C3e from the incredible @nezua

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    7. Proud Anglo says:

      So do tell, how much did you greasers beg and sweet-talk that leftist bitch masquerrading as a judge in Arizona, to overturn SB1070? Was it MALDEAF? National Counsel of la Razza? We spent 10 fcking years getting that law written up and passed, then you kiss up to some Demoncrat judge (oh yeah, appointed by BJ Clinton of course) and undo it one stroke, all our work down the drain. It’s like millions of beaners all decided to pour into Phoenix and Tempe last weekend to celebrate your hijacking of the law, to go mock and insult the true people of Arizona!

      Well, guess what? You won a battle but, you won’t win the war! This November we we’ll be voting out all the Demoncrats from office, then in the 2012 election we’ll be kicking the Obamamonkey out of office too. Without your precious diversity Democrats and Obama, you won’t have the leftists in high places to grovel for you any more. The Republicans and the Tea Party- also known as, ‘patriots’ to the likes of you- aren’t afraid of you or the Demoncrats anymore, so you’ll be getting your long overdue deportation papers as soon as Odumba the Kenyan has been voted out of the Oval office that he usurped in 2008. Then we’re gonna pass more SB1070 in every state of this great nation, and we’re gonna deport you idiots back to the Central American cesspools you call home!

      You greasers are just like the Frenchies, Germans, Russians and other enemies of the English-speaking peoples. We defeated them, we’ll defeat you too. Ha, we already taught you a lesson in 1840 when we kicked your ass in the Mexican War, sent you back to mexico city babbling in that ugly verbal diarrhea you speak aka spanish. But you still didn’t figure out the United States is NOT a greaser country, she’s an Anglo country FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA, every inch from Florida to California! We’re gonna be celebrating in November, 2010 and then 2012, then we go right to work deporting you sorry asses, so you might as well go and start packing!

      Proud Anglo

      Proud occupier of Aztlan since 1983

      • nezua says:

        I’ve been trying to decide how to respond to you, nutbrain.

        First, I was all “Yeah, I’ll puff up my ears and be a DEMONCRAT, just feed into that weird, cognitive-deficiency this weirdo has peppered with gloom and spin a few dust clouds over their head.” Then I was all, “Nah, I’ll just laugh because this poor person has so many TV type phrases kidnapping their scattershot braincells, they are fucking hilarious! ” Then I was overcome with gratitude at that thought and was thinking “I should thank them for entertaining me” but that quickly morphed into a feeling of sadness, of sorrow, of sympathy for you. Because I’m sure somewhere in there, behind the warped aggression, fantasy cake, and fake history is a sweet and sensitive and scared heart.

        I couldn’t figure out which way to go, and then I sorta got bored and remembered I was about to watch Iron Monkey.

        ’83, eh? You sure have been occupyin’ a long time, bro. In fact, you are three years younger than my youngest brother. I’m ten years older than him. All boys, my mom had. She stopped trying after three.

        Be like mama. Know when to quit, son.


        • sweetleaf says:

          republicans and democrats different sides of the same coin anymore… not different coins.

          good luck with your sorry self anglo.

        • Alejandro says:

          It’s over, proud anglo…it’s over. America and its people were “usurped” by the white man a while back, but the gods have wished things to go back to their original form… and so… there’s nothing a mortal man can do. The browning of America is imminent and inevitable, just like the to and fro of the sea. If you want to be competent, you must hurry and sacrifice a lamb to the god of war, because your verbal diarrhea is of no use.

          Proud Hispanic.

    8. Tyra says:

      I will never understand why people are so worked up over immigration. So called English speaking people weren’t even the original people in America. They came over and brought disease and tried to convert the Native Americans into their religion. Then they had the nerve to steal Africans and brought them over here and decide that they hate us so much they don’t know what to do with us. These folks don’t know what to do.

      • nezua says:

        Not too complex! They fear Mexicans. They aren’t talking about Irish or Canadians coming here. As you say, they fear the Brown™, across the board, over time, forever and ever. Must suck to be them.

        Thanks for your comment!

    9. imsweetleaf says:

      RT @nezua News With Nezua | Clowns on the Left, Jokers to the Right http://bit.ly/bcD5UY
      peace, pass it on…

      This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    10. kimi says:

      FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

      nez, i loved your response to this person.

      i am deeply saddened by this post and quite ashamed for the person who wrote it

      all the parrotting of the misinformation reminds me of that movie the stepford wives.

      maybe now they’ve come out with stepford whites?

    11. Grace Tippetts says:

      I can hardly wait until all the American children born on US soil to parents who were not native born are old enough to vote. How sweet their revenge will be as they take on the system. I am certain they will remember the politics of all the haters who abused their parents and questioned their right to citizenship.

    12. Proudmétis says:

      I know this probably isnt the right topic to post this on, but I’d like to thank you Nezua, for you stories about growing up the result of a brown father and a white mother. I am 19 and share that experience, as my father is a dark skinned métis(Canadian mestizo) man, and my mother is white. Like you I was often told(mostly by whites) I could pass for white. Even though pretending to just be white was easier, as I didn’t really know and am still learning how to be brown, ignoring my brownness felt wrong, and your stories really have helped me understand this issue, and to know that someone out there had a similar experience. My sincerest thanks to you sir.

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