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News With Nezua | War By Other Means

June 16th, 2010 § 5 comments

This week’s episodes includes notes on the two recent murders of Mexican nationals at the hands of the US Border Patrol, one of them the 14 year-old Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca; on the very nasty Prescott Arizona’s City Councilman, Steve Blair who lost his radio job (but not his government gig) over his racist commentary on a new mural in Prescott; and the overall weave of hostilities and violence against the Mexican people by US law agencies, and how this fits into a historical definition of “justice” in the USA.

[slider][A note of thanks to eric of newcomm.org and a video they are now producing, for spurring my thoughts on the Alamo. I put a title card mentioning this at the end of this vid, but as I was wrapping up video production after about four heavy days of work, I was up late and exhausted and didn’t realize how fast it went by.][/slider]


News With Nezua vids first appear Monday mornings at La Frontera Times. Wednesdays they show up at UMX, as well as in a dim setting at The XOLAGRAFIK Theater. View YouTube version here.

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