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News With Nezua | El Arpaio Alacrán

A LOTERIA STYLED TRIBUTE to the man who spearheaded the hostile and persecutory racist vibe spreading further and deeper over the state of Arizona every day: Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

DURING my break of two weeks from the online desktop world, SB 1070 was passed and the criminal sheriff Joe Arpaio and his department’s Arizona Antics were overshadowed. I was frustrated that blogging was pretty much impossible for me in that time—for the first time in a long time. Sometimes blogging feels like so much noise and sublimation. And is. And sometimes, it is a very needed public expression of outrage, of solidarity, of information. Now, as many agree, is a time for those things. Especially in light of the infectious harm that is known as SB 1070.

Let us remember that SB 1070 is to legislation what Arpaio is to lawmen. They both spring from the same rotted cradle. And Arpaios relentless, unflinching championing and implementation of the 287g provision of law is what paved the way for SB 1070 to even seem somewhat reasonable. Let us remember that while everyone is outraged about SB 1070, Arpaio was being given TV propz and until he began losing his mind and turning the law on politicians who disagreed with him, he was pretty widely supported.

This video was my reminder of the fact that he is out there doing his dirty business, and was created right before the SB 1070 law passed…which reminded us all of everything that needed a reminder.


News With Nezua vids first appear Monday mornings at La Frontera Times. Wednesdays they show up at UMX, as well as in a dim setting at The XOLAGRAFIK Theater. For those who desire closed captioning or can’t view this player, check back later for YouTube links.


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      RT @nezua News With Nezua | El Arpaio Alacrán | UMX | El Machete http://bit.ly/aCqDtY …do not forget the arpaio

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