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Green Winds Blow Through the Temple of Tech

AS THE WORLD CHANGES, so do the games we play. After all, these are simply other planes where our spirits roam, where our eyes engage, from where our thoughts can grow…

THIS IS A TRAILER FOR A VIDEO GAME called Flower. It really looks wild, and is not the typical video game construct. Flower is a Playstation (3) game, but reminds me more of Nintendo. Playstation is generally drive, shoot, blast stuff, and Nintendo is a bit cuter and smarter. To generalize. Anyway, the trailer is fantastic. It is about the environment, and industrialization, and places you in the role of what seems to be an energy, or wind, or spirit. Or maybe just a petal with consciousness. Your task is to spread flowers, life, greenery, in opposition to creeping decay and concrete. That’s what I get from watching the trailer and the 15 minute gameplay video posted lower on the page. Wikipedia has a page on it which lets you in a bit more on the nuances of the game, which reveals thoughtful and beautiful elements working together in this game.

I watched the lower video first. For all fifteen minutes. I wasn’t sure I was going to, but I kept wanting to see what happened, and it kept drawing me in. As well as make me wanna go lie in a field under the sun! (Though, I have to admit that while the opening city scene in the gameplay video below makes me want to be in the city…though I don’t think that’s the intention! Its supposed to feel like a choked, cramped hell…I just miss the city!) Seems like Flower would be good to bring down your blood pressure. Or maybe after a solid Quake session, or a day playing World of Warcraft, or an evening wrangling small children. But it really inspires me in the sense of video games beginning to break out of the handful of stories/ideas that proliferate the market. Plus it has a soul, it has a conscience. A derisive YouTube commenter made me laugh out loud by typing “This is Al Gore’s favorite game.” But clearly, a viable market for more intelligent games like this exist, as demographics reveal. The largest group of social gamers is women in their 40s, not kids with Dorito-breath in the carpeted basement, or frat-boys, after all.

A friend passed me the link to Flower, or actually, it grew out of some ongoing sessions with a few amigos. You may be used to seeing the XOLAGRAFIK stamp on film/video, but another area that XOLAGRAFIK fantazmalicious art is getting more involved in lately is video game development. So I work with the Digital Stonework crew on that end. Currently, we are working on a game which is pretty deep, and if all keeps moving on track, gonna see daylight before long. It’s very satisfying work as they are all supercool cats with super-high octane imaginations and brains (so our jam sessions just burst with nuttiness, really good stuff), all people of color, all interested in raising consciousness with our work, not just feeding our faces, not with being stahz (so the energy and direction and purposes of the games are jibing with each other, as well as nourishing to the heart), and all with aligning or at least not conflicting worldviews/spiritviews on life. It’s less like a new company and more like a tribe! It’s actually a beautiful thing, and I’m positive that we will bring that energy to the games we will be making. So keep an eye out, because I most likely will ask the help of friends and readers to spread the word when it’s time, in what ways you can or want to.

This second video I’ve posted here is fifteen minutes of Flower first person view that lets you sink into the feeling of gameplay in realtime. The world, and its phases feel very big and varied, judging by the trailer up top, but these fifteen minutes simply show the process of forming one flower. It takes place in day/meadow terrain. All the while, you are rejuvenating patches of barren/dried ground, culminating in magical rebirth of a tree on a hill, and one flower being born anew under that tree.

Finally, if you wonder what that music in the top trailer is and why it sounds do Dylanesque, that’s because it’s Donovan, of course, with Catch the Wind. Ah…reminds me of that night in the hotel where we all drank and played guitar and then someone broke some glass in the street and Bobby got…oh wait. That’s not my life. That’s Dont Look Back, the documentary. Hunh. Okay. Gotta go ride some petals into the night. Peace.


    1. LatinoNewz says:

      Green Winds Blow Through the Temple of Tech [UMX | El Machete] http://bit.ly/bLtZCc

      This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    2. El Tejano says:

      One of the major reasons I quit playing video games years ago was because so many games were flooded with violence, profanity, racism, misogyny & sex. As a father I kept my son away from those games & hoped that by doing so he’d find a distaste for such games, but now that he is 19 years old that’s all he plays. Ironic? Maybe but here’s my take: So many youth are drawn to such things because the results are immediate. There is no more taking the time to build, to create, analyze or to visualize what it is you’re trying to do..all those things take time & the results are not always immediate or apparent. Youth here live in the I want & need it now era.
      Whatever happened to Scrabble or Chess or Chinese Checkers or all those great boardgames we played as kids?
      Don’t get me wrong there are a few games out there like Little Big Planet that are actually quite nice, but a majority of games nowadays are everything I just mentioned above.
      Here’s another irony the only time I really planted myself behind the boob-tube was to watch Kung-Fu Theater Sundays other then that I wanted to be outside with my friends riding my bike or showing off my Half-Moon conure Panchito that my parents “smuggled” from Tijuana.

      • nezua says:

        I hear you. Games run the gamut, and a lot populate that gory, dark, aggressive genre. Some are nearly stomach turning…which is not how I like to spend a lot of time! I can get into some intense stuff if its contextualized well. Mostly I enjoy smart, creative, beautiful games. Or like you say, being out in the sun. 🙂

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