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News With Nezua | Avenida Almasol

INTRODUCING Naco and Nico! And a new cartoon called Avenida Almasol, which takes place in a ‘hood where magical thoughts, connections, and adventures are always around the bend.

INTRODUCING Naco and Nico! And a new cartoon called Avenida Almasol, which takes place in a ‘hood where magical thoughts, connections, and adventures are always around the bend. We will meet a few other characters soon, maybe even the notorious Figga Five. For now, it’s just us and these two ponderous cats kickin’ down la calle. This early, early morning, Naco and Nico are dealing with the fact that a good friend is joining the military just as the US prepares to ship out 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

News With Nezua vids appear first on Sundays at La Frontera Times, the following Wednesday here at UMX (at which point anyone is free and welcome to spread the word and the Word Was Embed), and can also be found in a dark room for your uninterrupted and cozy enjoyment at the XOLAGRAFIK Theater.

While this cartoon won’t replace my vlogging, it will appear regularly (as regularly as I can make time to draw it/write it/etc), and I have plans to develop it, so you can meet the whole crew that lives in the barrio. They are a fun n feisty and sometimes fractious group, and you may recognize favorite bloggers from time to time as they voice characters, ala the Simpsons’ guest appearances. Some cats will be regularly featured, such as next episode’s appearance—a streetwise Asian homie who sells mota for a living, sometimes tends the sick, and dresses a little like Genghis Khan.

Watch this lil show, it’s got some ambitions! We are playing around with the idea of bringing to the iPhone platform, and other than that, it’s just a lot of fun. 🙂

A note: “Almasol” is a word that combines the Spanish “Alma” (soul) and “Sol” (sun), and I did not come up with it, but borrowed it from my sister, who bears the name.

Transcribed by Arban:



Hola Gente, and welcome to News With Nezua! (Translation from Spanish, “What’s up, people, and welcome to News With Nezua!”

[Flamenco/Latin style music.]



[Latin music fades]

TITLE: “Introducing Naco and Nico in Avenida Almasol”

SPOKEN [NEZUA] (narration in soft, reverb drenched tones)

“Somewhere in the heart of America the sun is about to rise. Two vatos are exploring the misty dawn, let’s see what’s going on, down on Avenida Almasol”

ANIMATION: [Naco and Nico strolling down the avenue in the misty dawn light]

[laid back West Coast hip hop]


“Yo, did you hear about Figga Five?


“No, what?”


“Yo, he joining the military…soldier, shipping out…”






“Por que, bro? He gonna go fight the Taliban? Right? He gonna go drop some democracy down on gente?”


“Simón, democracy, like in Iraq, like in Nicaragua, like in Vietnam, like in Equador.”


“So, what’s it about man?”


“They trying to run a pipeline, minimize Russian influence on the Caspian Sea, bro…and in Central Asia, sí? The US government been hungry for an Afghanistan pipeline for years, man. Talibans was opposed. Now we peelin’ the Taliban away from Afghanistan and Pakistan, man. It’s all about the pipeline, carnál. Thirty thousand more sons and daughters for the pipeline.”


“Yeah, I heard that. Thirty thousand more soldiers to the middle east, and Señor Presidente can’t even take his butt over to visit his own tía, man.”


“Yeah, that’s messed up, son. Aunt can’t even get around, no green card. Su sobrino es el jefe [translation from Spanish: her nephew is the boss] …and she can’t get no help.”


“Damn, hope Figga Five don’t get his ass shot off. Why you say he’s joining up, fool?”


“Shoot, you know, fool. Homie want to go to college, tu sabes. [translation from Spanish: you understand, you know how it goes] Be presidente.


“Yeah, be president. So he can diss his tía, and ship thirty thousand other fools of to war.”


“Yo, its a crazy world, son. Whatcha gonna do?”


“Straight up. That’s the nature of power.”


“No fool, that, is the nature of power.”

[Naco and Nico gaze into the brilliant sunrise]

TEXT ON SCREEN: NEZUA: All writing, directing, voices, editing, arte & scoring

Some background art courtesy of VIGILARTE.NET





    1. so cute lol RT @nezua killer roster of voices lined up for upcoming characters on Avenida Almasol. ( http://bit.ly/91xvyr ) what fun!

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    2. imsweetleaf says:

      RT @unapologeticmex News With Nezua | Avenida Almasol http://bit.ly/6jWLbe i love this talent!

      This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    3. sweetleaf says:

      you are friggin awesome. i love these guerreros de la paz, the format is perfect, the art work is fantastic, the message is so important to unite our consciousness. i look forward to meeting the rest, especially the asian homie (who sounds like my kind of people:)).
      this is a great idea.

    4. […] & Space Music, to my friend @nezua for upcoming episodes of his new animated cartoon series :: Avenida Almasol :: Check out the link to view the current episode. Filed under: Uncategorized Comment […]

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