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A Plush Destiny for Yet Another Pawn…

CRIMES IN LINE WITH THE DOMINANT PARADIGM are not seen as criminal. Others rouse fury and command milkbox galore. As Noam Chomsky said about terrorism being a simple distinction on which direction the guns were pointed in, so goes the justice system and media in the USA when it comes to people of color and whites.

DonnieBaker copySIXTY-ONE YEAR OLD DANNIE BAKER stood up one day and grabbed his gun. He was getting ready to do some damage.

Perhaps volunteering to help the Republican machine move forward in 2008 wasn’t satisfying his need to do something about what he saw as a growing problem. A problem he had tipped off one of his neighbors to recently.

Neighbor Crystal Lynn says “he did come up to me one time and asked me if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrant in my house to get them out.”

So one quiet Thursday afternoon at his Summer Lake town home, Dannie Baker—

—opened fire through a window, according to Walton County sheriff’s deputies.

Racine Libia Balbontin-Argandona, 22, and Nicholas Pablo Corp-Torres, 23, died at the scene.

Sebastian Mauricio Arizaga-Suarez, 27, was shot in the back; Francisco Javier Cofre-Fernandez, 25, was shot in the side of the face; and David Alonzo Bilbao-Meza, whose age is unknown, was shot in the arm.

Baker returned to his home after the shootings and surrendered hours later.

The three injured students have returned to Chile.

and thus, he killed and maimed students he didn’t know who lived in the same complex as he.

A man named Robert Rivera, who attended the hearing this last thursday on behalf of Francisco Javier Cofre-Fernandez, had a much closer seat from which he could ascertain Baker’s motives and told the press that Dannie Baker thought—

he was “protecting America from the hoards of illegal aliens,” Rivera said. He added that “the level of hatred toward liberals, Obama and migrant workers is getting out of hand.”

Baker was “driven by hate and racism and a simpleton mind who’s been listening to hate radio,”

and this is not a new idea, because the connection between hate speech and violence—and specifically involving immigration and Latinos—has been established already.

Dannie Baker is not being tried, after all, though for charges of—

—two counts of pre-meditated, first-degree murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, three counts of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

Dannie Baker was transferred from prison to—



The Historic and Plush Chattahoochie State Hospital

—because he

—“fits the criteria for placement at Florida State Hospital.”

which in this case involved his performance in—

—a “battery of psychological tests,” and interviews to determine whether he was able to relate facts of the case to his attorney; whether he understood the nature of the proceedings; and whether he understood the penalties he could receive if he were found guilty.

And what about the Dangerous Immigrants?

They all were in the United States on a work-travel program.

And how were they feeling about the USA?

The five students, four men and a woman, had been eating in their host’s home and discussing job opportunities in Destin.

And now? The three left alive have—

—returned to Chile.

So I suppose Dannie Baker was successful! He drove away the immigrants who might have brought…prosperity. New energy. Fresh minds. Hopeful youth.

Well, at least a statement can stand now in public record about those who feed on anti-immigrant energy in such a way. One more case tying Right wing media to social chaos and violence can be collected and understood as part of a truth in this terrible area of hate messaging through media and the potential effects upon human beings.

Right? This is part of the record, right? Because every article about the killings is suspiciously lacking on that angle, on what the eyewitnesses informed us was behind the deed.

Neither Assistant State Attorney Bobby Elmore nor Dannie Baker’s public defender, Lenny Platteborze,would speculate on a motive or discuss in detail what evidence was found in Baker’s town home after he gave up. Elmore said there “was some evidence gathered in the search of his home that might lead us to some belief as to why it happened.”


So were it not for the woman on the scene who spoke to a reporter (Crystal Lynn), and were it not for one person who attended the hearing (Robert Rivera), the entire nation would have no idea as to why this man went on a murder spree.

In this case, as far as the world’s lessons stand, some madman pumped rounds into some people (who happened to be specifically targeted as Latinos), in public, though for no discussed motive, and might stand trial later. Meanwhile, he resides at a state hospital where charges will be dropped if after five years he is not deemed competent to stand trial (though they could be refiled at that point.)

Dig the distinctions: I’m not here to drool over and cheer on violence against twisted humans like Baker. Fine, let him stay on meds and in a cozy hospital situation. Prison is a hell and it’s easy to start wishing hell on people, but sooner or later your aim is wrong and then you are part of the entire problem. Causing him (further) suffering is not at all what this post is about, nor is it my need or desire.

But aren’t all our systems purportedly in place to help people? And to rectify wrongs? And to better our society and learn and evolve from where we have been?

How do we do that if we hide the truth of how we got here?

When our society treats a blatant hate crime like this, hiding its actuality as well as the fact that such sentiment


provided daily by sickos like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (and until lately) Lou Dobbs and well-funded by institutions like Rupert Murdoch and blasted out into millions of TVs nationwide


lets white racists off for targeting another spic and kicking him to death in the street


border-vigilante-home-invasion murders like Brisenia and Raul Flores are hushed

and irresponsible blogs and conservative think tanks and media pump up fear of Viral Mexicans At the Gate while politicians do the same


Mexicans in chains bleed through the night under the care of a corrupt and racist cop


comment threads resonate with minds that lust for more mexican pain and shame


even Democrats fill the air with talk of tough trials n punitive miles to go yet for our communities


the USA’s own policies drive more immigrants here only to smack into

border walls that swallow up their lives but which are considered a success because they keep the smelly bodies away from our US Green Zone

and the USA’s idea of addressing the problems our two nations share is but to encourage terms decidedly more hostile than “undocumented” and to give FeCal more cashiola for guns and graves

that’s what I call a giant murder machine in motion, and aimed at one part of the population. Sorry if it riles ya. It is dramatically said. And it’s not pretty. But it’s true. And it is fed every day by me and you.


Grab at the plug and pull! Then, we wipe the flaky flurry of dust off the lens. And we—

—keep building a stronger, truer messaging machine.

Join me.


    1. Arban says:

      The Truth Machine!

    2. Alicia says:

      I was talking to a friend recently about some of these hate crimes. He said something I thought was really interesting. He asked me if I was black, when I answered you know I’m not. He said, “That’s why we hate you. It’s not cool these days to hate blacks, what with having a black president and all, but I can hate you Mexicans all I want.” He was being sarcastic of course, but I think he may be right. This is the mentality of some people now. We need to start rallying together people. No matter where we are from, we need to get our shit together and put a stop to this.

      • nezua says:

        Hate always finds a way to justify its own erosion on us all.

        I agree we need to unite. Picking us off one by one. And even we are at each other’s necks half the time.

        Thanks for reading, and being here. Hope your day today has some happiness and safety in it. 🙂 Peace.

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    4. Malicia says:

      🙁 I love north Florida, and I hate anyone who murders immigrants and makes this a scarier more divided place.

    5. Bryan J. says:


      The article is great. However, I think you stray away from the principle theme: “hate crimes” to other more tenuously related Immigration issues, such as penalties for Mexicans if Comprehensive Immigration Reform is passed.

      Towards the end of the post, I got the impression that U.S. society, as a whole, is responsible for what happened. Even if that is not what you meant, it is not beneficial for that inference to be out there; those responsible for the hate rimes, such as talk radio types and those that listen to them, are a sizeable minority, but I contend that U.S. society as a whole is not to have the blame be put upon.

      • nezua says:

        An “inference” is something the reader would do. If you do not care for the inference you have drawn…draw another.

      • nezua says:

        Thanks for the compliment.

        I know you are in law school, but I’m going to ask you to imagine a different format here than one so rigid where a formula must be followed, as in a “principle theme” which is thus followed up with a particular amount of evidence and stated in a certain manner, etc. I am more of a poet. I often free associate. I wander and I let myself. I think if you let go a bit, you will enjoy what is here to a greater degree.

        And on your other point, a society is always responsible for the shapes it takes. And a society is made up of people. Make of that what you will.

    6. Malicia says:

      I really don’t think it’s the majority of people that are full of that much hate. But it doesn’t seem to me that a majority of people are speaking out against it, either. Even though they may tell how they really feel to a few trusted people, it’s not enough to counter the noise that’s out there. I mean I went to a restaurant the other day that had Fox news on it’s screen. I went to school and they had CNN on in the waiting room for people waiting to see advisors. And people like this murderer are so scary that people probably didn’t tell him how they really felt because they’re trying to keep their distance from the scary guy, so he probably thinks people accept his ideas just because he hasn’t heard that many people counter them. Add the news on top of that and it’s a powerful thing.

      As far as US society as a whole not being responsible, I see Bryan’s point from, like Nezua says, a legal viewpoint. But while no one can fix every problem I think we can have an effect on the people around us. And in that aspect we are responsible.

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