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News With Nezua | 287(g): A Chilling Story of Official Hate

WHAT IS 287(g)? Unless you are familiar with immigration legislation or follow the dialogue, you may not be entirely sure. I wanted to comment on the issue, as well as provide a basic introduction and so for this week’s News With Nezua, I tackled the 287(g) provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Also posted at the XOLAGRAFIK Theater if you prefer a dark viewing area. Thanks to La Frontera Times for featuring these weekly (and for their title, which I have taken; it is better than the plain “287g” title I had before). These will usually be at La Frontera Times on Sunday, and will post there before they show up here at UMX.

This week is not news highlights, but an extended commentary on 287(g).

update: thanks to racewire for featuring this.

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