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News With Nezua | Aug 21-28, 2009

NEWS WITH NEZUA is a new feature, where I will wrap up the past week’s Latino-centric and Immigration-related news. I can’t promise it will be a consistent feature, though I will try my best. In this week’s news: Kennedy’s passing, White House stalling, 287(g) growing, MAPA marching, and Whirlpool Border-Hopping.

I created this video series by request. La Frontera Times has been talking to me about creating short video wrap-ups of the news so they could feature it on their site each week. I’d say for now we’re in the testing phase, and as doing one of these takes me a full day, roughly, I can’t be sure I’ll have time each week. If they run it and like it, then I’ll do my best. If not, I’ll still try it out when possible, as I enjoy it. Let me know what you think, or even just share your thoughts on the topics, if you have any.


UPDATE: Here’s the vid at La Frontera Times.


    1. Keep it up.. maybe you´ll force CNN to do a Whirlpool, and replace Lou Dobbs with Luis Dobos.

    2. sweetleaf says:

      amigo, i like everything you do and this is the kind of news that i look for in what ever form you spit it.

      i do have a topic that i think you can lend insight to. it just came to my attention that recently leonard peltier was denied parole after his first full parole board hearing in fifteen years. he has been imprisoned since 1977. what is really insane is, he is not going to be given another hearing until 2024, another 15 years. he will be 79.

      the injustice of mr peltiers case has always been outrageously obvious. what has happened to him is deserving of the needed attention to bring light to what still remains to be some of the most fundamental problems in this country. (racism, political and corporate profiteering, and especially the squashing of selective political activism, etc.) these problems may have taken more subtle forms, but the song remains the same.

      thanks for any attention you give this nez…as if you don’t have enough on your plate huh. i just couldn’t believe it when i heard this.

    3. nezua says:

      oh, and thank you sweetleaf! for your first words, i overlooked them in my reply.

    4. sweetleaf says:

      i knew you would be on this-it is why i continue to come umx. when i heard this news (and it is news) i came to umx after i binged it. i first heard about it word of mouth. i did actually find a link to the latimes for a small article, but most were of indigenous publication. i guess with all the coverage of john and kate (who ever the fuck they are) there was no time/space left to cover the travesty that is denying mr peltier parole. or the incredulous injustice of not allowing another appearance for 15 years! where is the msm coverage besides letting squeaky go, and where is the outrage?

      thanks for the link…a great wake up page for the platitudes of a sunday morning.

      for all on august 29… and mr. kennedy…
      “Hermano de la luna …
      hijo del Sol — ”


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