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MEXICO vs USA 5-0, Takes Gold Cup

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A DECADE, Mexico thrashes the US soccer/fútbol team. The Red, White, and Green dominated the field at Giants Stadium with a 5-0 takedown, stopping cold the US's unbeaten streak of 58 wins and bringing home their fifth Gold Cup in what is being billed as a humilating rout.


Weekly Immigration Wire: Post-Racial Hypocrisy

NOBODY SAID BECOMING A POST-RACIAL NATION WOULD BE EASY. The United States has its first black president, but as the son of a Kenyan immigrant, his citizenship and legitimacy are still being questioned. In the meantime, the White House, itself, is advancing programs which have been linked to racial profiling and civil rights violations.


Nezua Snags America’s Voice Immigration Blogger Scholarship

IN PITTSBURGH THIS MONTH the lefty blogosphere will once again create its own "city within a city," a sort of virtual Embassy of 'Net, or as most refer to it, "Netroots Nation." Will you be there? If so, keep an eye open, because so will yours truly...


ICE Engaging in ‘Widespread Constitutional Violations’

FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE UNDOCUMENTED.... but anyone who studies history knows what comes next. If you and I allow Them to be abused, we lose. I write of the ballooning Constitution-ignoring para-police agency named ICE.


México Wants You. Healthy.

WHEN THE ARTS OF MEDICINE MET THE GODS OF COMMERCE, an unholy alchemy was made possible. Some view the public health as something to be maintained for the good of all, others cash in on pain and blood. And yet others boost tourism by healing the masses!


Shatner Does Palin. A Study in Political Poetry.

THE POLITICS OF THE DAY escape rational critique. It is at these times a People embraces the commentary of jesters and radicals. Jon Stewart was recently named Most Trusted Man in the US media while Limbaugh, Dobbs, Beck, and O'Reilly compete for Most Crazy Old White Dude.


Colonialism, Neoliberalism, and Sweatshop Politics: On the March (Still)

WHAT USGOV is now doing to México by way of NAFTA and the overwhelming of México's market by US-subsidized Agribusiness it does directly in other nations through coups and forced legislation. The Empire, in yet another shape, sprawls and burps and bleeds and chews up humans as it moves into its final phases.


Your TV Wants You Dead

A PROBLEM IN TODAY'S DIALOGUE is a blatant abuse of pronouns. WE don't use them as WE should. Words as cloaks, words as shields, words as masks—Television language on full blast from the mouths of well-paid shillers, in-absentia killers, supergroomed elitists faker pill-popper death makers.


The Melting Pot, Chapter 2009

THE CULTURAL DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE NATION ARE CHANGING. Black President, Hispanic Supreme Court Justices, Black Attorney Generals, and lest we forget, Kumar in the White House. This is throwing some people off-stride and just a bit out of their minds.


Friday UMX Música con Señor Rojo!

INTRODUCING RED, homeless beatbox master! Honestly, Red reminds me of half a dozen cats you meet on the corner, or on the street, the inside, or just passing thru life. Lotta natural talent out there, not everyone airbrushed and well-produced. Peeps, meet groovy human beats.


Weekly Immigration Wire: It’s a Multicultural World, After All

IN THE DAYS OF MY YOUTH it was common to hear the phrase "melting pot." It was said that our nation's greatest strength could be found in its multitude of cultures, languages and histories. This sentiment has been lost, as right-wing pundits and politicians increasingly espouse a dread of anything different and a fear of the Other. Yet, it remains true.


Immigration Advocates Issue Statement Condemning Expansion of 287(g)

THE WHITE HOUSE understands the value of the press conference and the press release and the public statement. Many positive things have been said about what will be done on immigration legislation. What is getting less notice are some of the actual moves being made in realtime—like the expansion of the disastrous 287(g) program.




15-YEAR-OLD LATINO HONOR STUDENT SERVING THREE LIFE SENTENCES FOR CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice." —U.S. v. Jannottie, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)


The Day I Was Almost Human

ON MY WAY TO THE STORE TODAY, I tried to kill a small bird. Don't hate! The GOP will set you straight. But let me start at the beginning because the end is tragic. O, If only I possessed the ability to base my feelings on an understanding of the world, instead of being a human zero-sum kneejerk Jeff Sessions (R) of Alabama.


The Detention Industry is Cruel and Un-American

THE INSIDIOUS AND DEPRAVED AND VAMPIRIC NATURE of the detention industry is a topic I cover here regularly. Latino convicts are now the largest ethnic population in the federal prison system, and all due to the criminalization of immigration that Bush brought upon us and that Obama, so far, has yet to dismantle or substantially reshape.