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Flores por Brisenia

A CLASS ACT, these anti-immigrant Minuteman types. Whether it’s being thieves and deceiving those they raise money from, or kicking down doors and shooting little girls and their families, Minutemen brigades are hard at work defending their diseased sense of reality from the world.

60arivacainvasion.jpgI’M VERY SORRY TO SAY that Brisenia Flores and her father Raul are dead. That’s Brisenia on the left. The Flores familia was sleeping when anti-immigrant crusaders busted down their door and invaded their home, ICE-style, before shooting the father and daughter to death.

A real class act, these anti-immigrant Minuteman types. Whether it’s being thieves and deceiving those they work with as well as whom they raise money from, or kicking down doors and shooting little girls and their families in bed, they are hard at work defending their diseased sense of reality from the world.

An outspoken anti-immigration activist who was at the center of a series of violent crimes in Everett earlier this year now stands accused of the home-invasion killings of an Arizona man and his 9-year-old daughter.

Anti-Immigrant Minuteman Member Charged With Murder

Hyper-Tanned Anti-Immigrant Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde Charged With Murder

Shawna Forde, 41, and two associates in her Minuteman American Defense group are charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of aggravated assault, according to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona.

Eugene Bush

Eugene Bush

The May 30 killings were believed to be premeditated and part of a plan to steal money and drugs to finance the Minuteman group she leads. Forde’s own family said that the woman weeks ago had discussed using robberies to raise money for her cause.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik told the Green Valley News and Sun that Forde was trying right up until her arrest Friday “to get together a large amount of money to further sophisticate the type of operation she’s interested in.”

[Anti-Immigrant] Activist Shawna Forde charged in double slaying

Salud, Raul y Brisenia. I can only imagine the pain your wife/mother has to live with, now. May she find some relief and healing as soon as possible. And may justice come swiftly for those who have gouged so much amor y sangre from her life, and taken you all away from each other for a while.


    1. The seething hatred required to do something like this really scares me. I look at this woman and she looks like she could be one of my neighbors.

    2. Brian says:

      Why use the term activist to describe her? I understand that it is what the Everett Herald has decided to call her, but now that we know she was plotting violence to further her cause, isn’t it more accurate to call her a terrorist?

    3. nezua says:

      i can’t argue with that.

    4. siniko says:

      why the fuck havnt i seen this in the news?

    5. nezua says:

      I’d guess it’s the same reason most things that make Mexicans look bad are so popular in the news.

    6. nezua says:

      Scariest part, Bint, is that sometimes they are our neighbors…

    7. Ugh! That gives me the shakes.

    8. Genevieve says:

      This makes me really angry and sick. You want changes, you take it up with the lawmakers, you don’t burst into peoples’ homes and kill little girls.

      People act like the Minutemen are so amazing and brave, but this is fucking cowardly as shit. This is pure, absolute racism and xenophobia.

      And this needs wider coverage.

    9. mikefromtexas says:

      The face of hate.

    10. nezua says:

      genevieve, i agree. and i think the MSM is now catching up on it. CNN called me today and asked if id’ want to show up opposite a Minuteman member on Rick Sanchez and talk about it and i said sure. so dont know if it will be me or someone else on the show talking about this (or both!) but either way, i have a feeling this is gonna blow up in the MSM pretty soon. (We can only hope and keep talking/writing on it).

    11. nezua says:

      a couple of the faces of hate, yes, mike. but they can look like anything is the problem. which is why its good there are many more of us on the side of humanity, we who also can look like anyone, too.

    12. missingxtension says:

      No justice can come of it after a 9 year old is murdered…..
      Dont forget to high light the link the video from pbs where she is representing FAIR. They are the ones who funded her to get to this point, along with the minuteman.

    13. I linked this story over at my place.

      Just too horrifying for words… and its also horrifying that I haven’t heard about it until now.

    14. which is why its good there are many more of us on the side of humanity, we who also can look like anyone, too.


    15. nezua says:

      🙂 thanks for the link, Daisy. the media blackout, well. you cant blame them. they are busy reporting on dead flies.

    16. […] “unprofessional”, or got held up by the police while trying to open a bank account, or had his spouse and nine-year-old daughter murdered by anti-immigration activists, that might spark a little bitterness […]

    17. Nick Dupree says:

      I just retweeted this post of yours, nezua. And I call the perpetrators exactly what they are — TERRORISTS!

    18. […] just watching typical news media. They didn’t cover it. I only found out about it by reading this post on Nezua’s The Unapologetic Mexican blog, and, later, the SPLC’s Hatewatch […]

    19. MamaDeTres says:

      This is unbelieveable, I mean come on. Why doesnt the news cover things like this. I am an American woman with three Mexican American children and I fear for them every day. I cannot beleive how much racism and descrimination still exists in my area. My oldest daughted has just entered Kindergarten and she has mentioned things like oh im too brown or they dont want to play with me….Now I see this precious little amor de nina that is gone because of these idiots from this Modern Day Nazi type group. It makes me sick and I would like to know what I can do to help stop this???

      • nezua says:

        That’s a good question, MamaDeTres. Sometimes I feel helpless. But maybe we can do a few things. If you have friends in the same situation, I would talk to them. See if they share your frustrations and concerns, and can do something together.

        Other than that, we can write letters to people, that matters a lot I think in this day and age of web convenience. Letters to media stations asking why they are not covering it, telling them of the community’s interest, getting others to write those, too. Calling your reps in Congress or writing them can influence votes and bills if the numbers are large enough. Sadly, I don’t see the interest right now in protecting families like this out there. But I keep making whatever noise I can. If anything else, it helps me sleep.

        But stay connected to your friends and family if you can, stay safe. Keep on and keep the faith.

    20. Anna says:

      ~ God Bless Brisenia, our sweet little angel girl is in Heaven with her father Raul.~

      She could have been our sister, our daughter, our niece, our family. God Bless the mother, who survived. ~

      These were AMERICAN citizens, Mexican Americans, who were killed by domestic terrorists white supremacists. Justice is coming soon Brisenia.

      Keep track of the case in Arizona, the defense is trying to get separate trials for each of the 3 murderers but if that’s so, it may take until 2011 for the cases to be tried. It’s better for the cases to be consolidated so that no justice is delayed, and the prosecutors are seeking the death penalties for these three monsters. There is a hell, and hell is awaiting shawna forde, bush, xiola, and the minuteman and their sick ilk. It’s not over yet.

    21. […] of people have been writing about the trial – many of them the same people who closely followed the tragic story in 2009. But the story has been glaringly absent from most […]

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