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Weekly Immigration Wire: Child of Immigrants Nominated to Supreme Court

TUESDAY, President Obama announced Sonia Sotomayor as his pick to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Sotomayor could be the first Latina appointed to the Supreme Court. Predictably, attacks and slurs from the Right are already flying.


Obama Bows to Saudi King, Head-Patting Children, and now Aliens!

YOU KNOW what everyone is talking about! Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor! It is clearly a move intended to appease the aliens now hovering over the US, having breezed in from PuertoRico Planet—okay that's not true but sometimes the lunacy in "political dialogue" makes me want to take a trip off-planet...


Brown Eyed Children of the Sun

THIS ARTE is a painting I made from a foto my father took in the Chiapas region of México right about the time period that Corky Gonzales wrote the poem from which he named me. Your Xicano Heritage Riddle for the day!


Weekly Immigration Wire: Women Central to Immigration Story

THE CELEBRATED STORIES of early American pioneers, explorers, and immigrants typically center around men of fortitude and bravery. Depictions of modern-day migrants remain male-centric, and this cultural lens is the default in most cases. But women play a central and overlooked role in today's immigration story.


Community Bulletin Board!

THERE IS POSITIVE ENERGY AND RENEWAL happening all over this Spring, and there are are few new events and places that reflect this. Let's take a quick trip to the community bulletin board hanging up at the Unapologetic Mexican and see what's going on.


The Sanctuary to Receive NAM Journalism Award

NEW AMERICA MEDIA, whose mission is to expand the news lens through ethnic media, has given ProMigrant.Org (The Sanctuary) an award in blogging/journalism! I will be in Atlanta early in June to receive this award on the group's behalf.


Weekly Immigration Wire: Enforcement Agenda Creates Aura of Criminality

The Latin@ community has had ample reason to hope that President Obama would take on immigration reform in a humane manner. While he is undeniably centrist in his political approach and has long been fond of language stressing punitive solutions to the immigration issue, he has also said that “America is changing and we can’t be threatened by it.” But enforcement policies are becoming a threat, not only to immigrants, but the country at large.


The Luis Ramirez Murder: A Logical Step in the Process of Establishing a Subhuman Class

THREE THINGS immediately shock the conscious soul upon learning about the murder of Luis Ramirez. The simple manner in which he died is the first of those. His death was a gruesome and violent one, and inarguably racially motivated. And yet, that is not the most horrific part of the killing.


Return to the Root

AND SO I RETURN TO THE ROOT: This is the radical positivity that I use as my compass. This is the simple vision that I have. Not a never-ending wearying battle, not an eternal tightlipped scowl. Not moping and hoping and weeping and keeping the feeling of being a victim alive. But a joy filled heart on a sun-drenched field with fight in my bones and light in my eyes.


Happy Mother’s Day! Feliz dia de la Madre!

LIKE THE EARTH, like the waters, like the sky...like Mama Nature herself who loves us down to our bones, and even when we're bad, or wrong, or all alone. Where would we be in this world without our mothers?


Weekly Immigration Wire: Crisis and the Potential for Change

FROM THE "SWINE" FLU'S declining fervor to 2009’s May Day marches for worker rights and immigrant solidarity; from the tragic killing of Luis Ramirez to legislative movement on immigration, these are tumultuous times. But it is precisely such conflict and challenge that provides the best opportunities to make lasting change.


Obey the Altruistic Giant, or Else.

QUESTIONS OF APPROPRIATION and Tokenism are areas one must approach carefully. Human beings are involved and there is nuance, to be sure. Good can be done with methods that are not optimally beneficial to all parties involved. Furthermore, that cost must be weighed by each person. And yet, shapes of Whiteness move behind and around us, often invisible. They must be named.