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OREGON: First Probable Case of H1N1 “Swine” Flu Detected

OREGON’S FIRST PROBABLE CASE OF H1N1 FLU was identified late Wednesday following testing by the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory. The probable case was in a Multnomah County adult female who consulted her physician after experiencing flu-like symptoms.


Weekly Immigration Wire: Swine Flu Infecting Immigration Debate

AT PLAY TODAY in our immigration debate are warring philosophies of who a “people” are and what we owe each other for simply belonging to the same human family. On one side, frothing, fearful punditry stoke division and hostility. On the other, fearless activists champion for our better natures.


Aliens Declare Humanness in New Shepard Fairey Art

HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW WORK by Shepard Fairey? You know, he’s the cat what did the famous and iconic Obama HOPE poster. I guess the high of being Everyone’s Favorite Poster Guy has worn off and someone’s looking for another hit….


Presenting ¡PRESENTE!

OUR VOICES have yet to be utilized and enjoined in a way that can efficiently organize around the issues that affect our communities. We will not always agree, nor should we. But we should have a way to centralize and engage the politics that affect us on so many levels.


Virus Brings Swine-Hearted Lobby Into Foreground

THE MOMENT that the news of the “Swine Flu” hit the wires, it was easy to predict what the anti-immigrant faction would have to say about it. This particular cadre of caustic and crazed voices are so locked into their views that their contributions are unnecessary in a dialogue that preferences truth.


Oregon Swine Flu Media Briefing

OREGON: Public Health officials from the state of Oregon, Portland held a news briefing yesterday to discuss the latest information on the swine flu outbreak, local readiness to respond should the situation elevate and what people can do to keep themselves and others safe.


Union Square May Day March

MAY DAY MARCH in NYC: Trillions for bank bailouts just gives money to the same bankers whose policies are gutting the economy. WE need to control the financial system, not leave it in the hands of a pack of billionaires.


Department of Health Declares Public Health Emergency

THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES has declared a Public Health Emergency. They repeatedly urge us not to panic and lay out their plans of what comes next. They also offer the possibility that things may begin to “ramp up” in areas and advise you to think about what that would mean in your local community.