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Signs of the Times, A Group Blog

I’VE SETUP A GROUP BLOG where anyone can join as an Author. It’s called Signs of the Times, and its purpose is simply to collect short, simple anecdotal stories, jottings, blurbs, fotos, fears, thoughts, hopes, sightings, single sentences (or more) about symptoms of the collapsing economy, and in one place.


Weekly Immigration Wire: A Cry for Change from Coast to Coast

ALL OVER THE NATION, communities are clamoring to be heard. In this worsening economic landscape, migrant communities are being terrorized by violent raids, families are destabilized, wage earners are jailed or detained, and xenophobic pundits continue to fuel a rising wave of hate crimes against Latinos. The stakes could not be any higher.


At the Movies With Nezua: BSG Breakdown, Season 2

THE XOLAGRAFIK THEATER is open and this week we take a look at the Conservative, pro-war, anti-protest, anti-abortion messaging in Battlestar Galactica, as well as how race plays into the portrayal of the Cylon characters. Film production is also discussed, in terms of cinematography choices.


Some Bruises Fade (Still Flowers Bloom)

WE ALL LOOK TO THE NEW SEASON of politics with hope and with relief and many of us, joy. But as much as we want to simply admire the new bloom and leaf and ray of sun, let us remember (and Never Forget) that you do not plant a garden in active rot if you want a healthy harvest.


US customs Treats Bereaved Australians Like Terrorists

ON SEPTEMBER ELEVEN or shortly thereafter, we lost our national mind. We were told by our government—which had just let us down and failed to do as much as scramble fighter planes while we were being attacked—not to trust anyone. The madness rolls on, clearly.


Obama Announces “Final Solution” to “Indian Problem”

THE GENOCIDAL MOVEMENTS by imperialist colonialist powers against the indigenous all over the world—at least where they might be living in lands with rich resources or access to them—rolls on, and on, and on. A few words from Russell Means, Lakotah Indian.


Weekly Imm. Wire [VIDEO]: Marching Toward Justice!

A VLOG featuring various headlines on current Immigration News. Border Guards sentence commuted, violence in Mexico now even disturbing economic bloggers, Immigrants and allies march on ICE headquarters—with original footage of the march itself.


Weekly Immigration Wire: Marching Toward Justice!

I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING NEWS FROM MEXICO for a few years now, and as I’m sure you know, most US media ignores Mexico, and to our detriment. This is baffling to me because our cultures, our land, our labor, and our peoples are so intertwined as to be two parts of one whole. It is easy to forget this in the midst of much rigid talk of maps, borders, and walls. But reality is knocking at our door.