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The XOLAGRAFIK Diaries [episode 1: “cambiando”]

THE UMX BLOG will see changes in 2009, and though you don't know it, we have begun already! I'd talk allll about it, but in an effort to reduce the amount of words I type each day to around 500,000 or less, I will not introduce or explain this video except to say it is one of many that will be featured here in the coming year and that it will be followed up in a couple days with Episode 2.


Call for Video/Audio Submissions

FOR EPISODE THREE of the XOLAGRAFIK Diaries (my new vlog series) I am putting out a call for your webcam/video (or audio) submissions/additions/contributions.


¡Feliz Navidad! and Merry Christmas!

HERE'S A LITTLE SOMETHING I COOKED UP for you, my dear readers, on this day.


Weekly Immigration Wire: From Brooklyn Streets to Hollywood Blvd, Responses to Growing Tension

OVER HERE, you have people working together to overcome changes that scare just about everyone. And over there, people are taking advantage of the fear that often accompanies these changes. In this season of giving and love and familia, may you and yours be surrounded by those who fight with and for you.


Los Tres Chavalitos y Santo Claus

AND NOW IT'S TIME for a favorite Christmas tale, foo'! So if you're feelin' blue because you're low on feria and rent money ate up your holiday, cruise along with tres chavalitos and discover the real meaning of Christmas...


Our Lady of Guadalupe

FOR A TIME THERE WAS CORN and there were chiles, and there were handmade tortillas, and there were piñatas. And there was Guadalupe. I remember her image laid on a cut slice of wood and varnished over. I remember her looking down from the wall. And I remember how kind she felt to me...with her gold, and her aqua, and her eyes.


Weekly Immigration Wire: Harvesting Hate in Hard Economic Times

HATE DOES NOT EMERGE FROM A VACUUM. Nor could it thrive there, we might add. Just as many hands are required to bring about positive change in our culture, so are many energies and voices required to propagate negativity on a large scale. There is no doubt that a battle rages and that the heart of this nation is at stake.


NY/NJ Spanish Language ICE Raid Rapid Response HOTLINE

SI LOS AGENTES DE INMIGACION vienen a tu puerta o tu ves a ellos en tu vecindario? llama de inmediato a la linea caliente de Respuesta Rápida gratis desde cualquier teléfono 1-800-308-0878 hay un representante que habla español disponible las 24 horas para decirte cuales son tus derechos.


International Human Rights Day

THERE ARE GROWING MOVEMENTS to unify and leverage our collective voices and stories and power. You see it in many places, in different shapes. Many are working together for a better day. And then, of course, you have those forces that never tire of trying to divide and harm us...


Latino/a Writers, Bloggers, Reviewers Wanted

THE LATEST BOOK I've illustrated could benefit from a few more reviewers who are willing to post on the book or otherwise trade a review copy for some publicity and the time it takes to read through it and feel it out.


¿Cómo se llama usted?

IMAGINE that it is my job to help choose a name for a baby boy that was due to be born yesterday and may be born today...or tomorrow. Or the next day. Now, dust off that favorite Spanish or Nahuatl name you've turned over in your mind and drop it in the suggestion box.


Chicago Workers Demonstrate Power of the Takeover Strike

THE TAKEOVER STRIKE has long been a function of Latin American worker solidarity. Occupying schools and workplaces when injustice is doled out is a regular function south of the border. We've seen it from Puerto Rico to México, from Tlaltelolco to Oaxaca. Today, we see it in Chicago, USA...


How to Conceal Your Stash (& Catch Crooked Cops on Camera)

HAVE YOU EVER been forced out of your car late at night, or had someone illegally force themselves into your home or your pockets, someone with a badge, someone telling you to take various clothes items off or prone out, someone claiming they had the right to invade your space and command you about? Then dig this.


The (Laughable) Times They Live In

IT WOULDNT BE WORTH MY TIME to highlight yet one more slanderous, lazy, slimy, fictionalized piece of anti-Mexican propaganda but for the fact that it comes at such an egregious time and under such a prestigious banner...


Weekend Música – Oppression

I CAN'T THINK of a more uplifting message than this: Put your time, energy, and heart into something and the energy will return. It will grow, it will propagate, it will continue. And this lesson can be found in events both small and large.