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El Buen Canario & the Bloody Cage

TOO MANY in the USA cannot help but be poisoned by our toxic MSM and its festering monologue. It is a media that cares not for humans, but instead for profits and fitting in with the power flow. Let’s be reasonable: almost 100,000 hungry children wandering and lost cannot be helped by laser-equipped fences and fancy phrases.

I JUST WROTE RECENTLY that 2009 was going to be our year, as far as making progress on immigration—education, reform, and of course I dare to hope impact on actual lives and not just the spirits of a blogwriter. Well, the latest sign is one of my favorite actors plugging into the scene and not only recognizing good art, but seeing the truth in it and consequently helping to bring the reality of our broken economic/immigration systems to la gente:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — John Malkovich is so touched by the plight of migrant children who cross illegally into the United States that he plans to make a documentary about it.

The actor and director says the documentary, which will be titled “Triple Crossing,” will seek to humanize the issue of illegal migration.
Malkovich said Wednesday the film will be produced by Canana Films, a production company owned by Mexican actors Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal.

Malkovich, of “Burn After Reading,” is in Mexico directing the play “The Good Canary.”

John Malkovich to film documentary about migrants

Some haters cannot be reached. But I do think that is the aging fringe. Most people actually aren’t set against kindness and justice. Unfortunately, many can’t see the truth of the situation to even fairly rule on it. Too many here in the USA cannot help but be poisoned by our toxic MSM and its festering monologue. It is a media that cares not for humans most of the time, but instead, for profits and fitting in with the power flow. Like flunkies trailing a bully, the newspundits and anchorfaces ride in the wake of popular corporate opinion and directive. They love to speak of triple concrete fences and beefing up the prison apparatus. They do not like to speak so much about numbers like over 40,000 children. They prefer phrases like “Land of Liberty” and “Freedom on the March.” etc.

More than 40,000 Mexican minors are detained every year by immigration officials while trying to cross the border into the United States. Many of the unsuccessful children are taken to shelters such as the Casa YMCA de Menores Migrantes in Tijuana, where Matilde has worked for years.

“We feed them and offer them a place to sleep, but we also help them to recover their emotional stability and track their relatives,” says Matilde.

On average, 3,000 minors between 11 and 17 years old arrive at Casa YMCA every year. They can stay in the shelter for a maximum of 8 days or until their families are located.

Other teenagers are not so fortunate. In 2003, 11 children died while crossing the border. So far, in 2004, there are already 17 dead minors, according to the Casa YMCA’s coordinator, Uriel Gonzalez.

The most dangerous way to cross to the U.S. is through the desert. A lot of immigrants have died of dehydration or animal attacks. Other risks are assaults, robberies, and sexual assaults.

That’s why many families pay a coyote to cross their children. However, since the 1990s the price to cross with the help of a coyote has skyrocketed because of increased immigration enforcement at the San Diego border.

Immigrant Children Face Trials and Heartbreak to Cross the Border

Please tell me what laser drones and more aggressive men with guns are going to do for hungry children? 40,000 of them? And that’s in 2004! Because we know that in the first seven months of this year, ICE has deported 90,000 children. And many of them are just dumped.

A new study finds that unaccompanied children are being abandoned on the Mexican side of the border at an alarming pace.

In the last seven months, U.S. authorities have deported at least 90,000 children to Mexico, according to a study by the Mexican Government’s Commission on Population, Border and Immigration Affairs.

At least 13,500 of these children ages 17 and under were deported to Mexican border states but never reconnected with their parents or legal guardians. Many of these children have resorted to begging with the hopes of crossing into the United States again to be reunited with family members, according to the study. Other abandoned children are being cared for by churches and non-governmental organizations.

Many of these children were caught while being smuggled into the United States. U.S. authorities typically funnel the children through an “expedited” deportation process — sending them back to Mexico in a matter of hours.

The study cites another disturbing statistic: for every three adults deported to Mexico, one child is left abandoned in the United States.—Deported Children Abandoned in Mexico

arte by XOLAGRAFIKIf not abandoned or dumped over the border, we shunt them into our growing private prison system and make about ten to fifteen THOUSAND dollars off of each kid. A month.

Humanity? Freedom? Liberty? National Pride? Change? Hope? Honestly? Fuck off with the pipe dream propagandic phraseology until we see some justice.

More like this, Diego. More like this, Irene. More like this, Señor Malkovich. More heart into the matter. More truth to the people. More info to the People. More power to the people. It’s not enough all by itself, but every hand helps, every heart helps, every big boca helps.

We’re getting there. I’m sure it’s not fast enough for those families living in detention centers or broken up and criminalized or for los niños perdidos wandering far from their familias. Nor for me. But we’re getting there.


    1. mhg says:

      I am sick after reading this Nez! Where is the justice for these children? Where is the humanity?? What the hell is going on!
      These children are no doubt being discarded as if nothing. You hear of the plights of others or in other countries, well what about our people?
      Oh my gosh the children……………..

    2. nezua says:

      yes, i know how you feel. which is why when people tell me to chill or not be angry or be more polite in relation to these events and crimes, well…i guess it’s like that saying. “if you’re not outraged, then you are not paying attention.” and i’ll add “and if you’re not paying attention, then don’t step to me with your dumbshit.” not quite as eloquent, but it will do for now.

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