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She’ll Know Him as “The President”

I AM VERY HAPPY that my children will grow up to see Barack Obama as our President. I do think certain lines of thinking, where people imagine the arc of justice completed now that a black man is our President, go too far and too soon. But I know that from this day forward, children in the USA will grow up with a different idea of African Americans and our country, both.

And it pleases me very much to begin introducing President Elect Barack Obama to mija as such, and as soon as possible. Here is a video of me and Luna watching Obama’s very first press conference in the first phase of his newly elected role.


    1. sweetleaf says:

      a classic! still giggling from watching you go into the kitchen as president elect obama walks onto the stage. classic. (reminds me of washing the car and it will rain effect, ie, we were all waiting for you to go into the kitchen, jeje)
      i remember i was on twitter with the tv/abc on…”ladies and gentlemen…”…a true thrill.
      it is exciting for her eyes to behold such events, and to see the bigger tapestry that is being woven because of it.

    2. nezua says:

      i know. the timing was toooo much.


      and thanks!

    3. turtlebella says:

      i know, right?! it makes me so happy that the 1st president Adelita will know is Obama. And I’ve no doubt our daughters will continue to move that arc forward (or however one describes the movement of an arc).

      Loved hearing Luna’s sweet little voice, esp. when she says “Papi…”- heart melting!

    4. nezua says:

      🙂 agreed…

      yes, it’s something else. different vibe than when i was young in the era of nixon, that’s for sure!

    5. Sylvia/M says:

      That was so adorable and hilarious. But absolutely memorable. Thanks for capturing and sharing with us. 🙂

    6. nezua says:

      thanks sylvia. my pleasure.

    7. adriana says:

      Your daughter is absolutely adorable. And yes, she will certainly have a different perspective of black folks.

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