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Happy (2008) Halloween!

A revolution without capes and masks is a revolution not worth having! Happy Halloween to all my heathen, pagan and ghostly amigos! Here’s hoping you don’t wake esta noche only to find a bloody screaming man under your bed.


Wearing Red in Solidarity

TODAY MARKS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Be Bold Be Red, an event where we wear red and speak out against violence against women (and girls) of color, to show solidarity and support and attempt to shatter the silence that aids the continuation of these injustices.


Cynthia McKinney Answers The Sanctuary Survey

THE SANCTUARY EDITORS: Showing the vitality and importance of voices from outside the mainstream two-party political paradigm, Congresswoman McKinney puts forth not only a strong understanding of the complexities of the Immigration Issue, but also a vision of real-world solutions with a refreshing willingness to confront the broader social and economic realities which undergird international migration.


People in the Middle (for Obama)

SHOT AND EDITED in the style of Apple’s “Switch” commercials, here is a video featuring Republicans, Conservatives, Evangelical Christians and those in “the middle” who are giving their reasons for voting for Obama. It sure feels good to see people hoping and daring to believe in a way forward. It’s been a long, dark 8 years.


Vote for Hope. It’s Funky, like you.

THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY of art and music created solely by the citizens who are feelin’ this change continue to impress me with their unsolicited works of support for Barack Obama. Here’s a well made jammie called “Vote for Hope” by Mc Yogi. Goes well with coffee. And tea!


What Lurks Under the Folksy

THE CUTE AND FUN SARAH PALIN, while grinning and winking and droppin’ gs galore, is very cleverly tossing rancid scraps to the beasts of violence and fear that shuffle in the shadows cast by John McCain’s campaign and the GOP. You’ve heard it before, but here’s a lingual breakdown that makes the case in a convincing and terrifying way.


Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils…

THE ROOTS OF OUR GOVERNMENT have wound up from the ground of a less enlightened time. And yet they reach into today and still feed the same power base. The framers created US Government around the idea that the elites know best how to rule the rabble, and this continues. Is a vote for a third party a good idea now? Is a vote for Obama any different than a vote for McCain?


Ready to Strike!

NOBODY likes to think this way, yet we are well aware of how much the Right does not want to let go of the grip on power they thought they had and thought they would have forever. From Delay to Rove to Bush; from the last two stolen elections to the recent DOJ vote purge, the thieving Republicans have shown us that Democracy means nada to them. So we must prepare.