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Nezua’s DNC 08 Documentary

XOLAGRAFIK PRODUCTIONS releases a Fight All ISMs Venture: VENEER AND LOATHING, The Pollatix of Grain and Periphery, a 25 minute documentary of the Democratic National Convention as seen through the eyes of a few bloggers, officially credentialed and traveling the fringe.

XOLAGRAFIK PRODUCTIONS releases a Fight All ISMs Venture: VENEER AND LOATHING, The Pollatix of Grain and Periphery, a 25 minute documentary of the Democratic National Convention as seen through the eyes of a few bloggers, officially credentialed and traveling the fringe.

I CALL IT VENEER BEER AND LOATHING for a couple reasons. (Video below, this title card is just a screenshot.) One reason is to remind myself not to take the whole thing too seriously, as when you invest weeks of your life—between shooting, editing, and all the inbetween activities and heavy thought and emotion process that goes into making a film that is 25 minutes long—it would be easy to get very serious and self-important about it. And you can watch the rest to understand the other reasons that went into taking a Hunter Thompson title and pouring hops over it. (I was naive to not realize that a handful of other people would upload videos online with the same main title, but ah well! update: the edit of this will be retitled “Veneer and Loathing” as i like the symbolism better and i hate to have a film that is titled the same as tons of other ones. But I’ve been on this long enough, that will have to wait a bit.) update 2, 1 yr later: Done.

I also don’t mean to belittle the effort either, thought, as I did try my best to sketch out some of the reasons the trip and the convention was important to me and to mis blogmig@s.

IF anyone wants a DVD of the full-quality version for their own library and sense of historicality hit the paypal button and send $9 plus your shipping addy and I will send one out. Please note when sending $ what that it is for the DVD of the DNC08. Because soon I’ll be putting out the RNC08 video REPUBLIKANATION, too, and also use that PayPal for a few things. Alternately, if you just want to support these kinds of efforts, feel free to donate. Really. Totalllly free.


(PS: This will probably play smoother if you pause it and let it load first before playing…especially as it’s a long-ish piece. If you want, here is a dark room for better viewing.)


    1. So glad this is “finally” done and out there. It met and surpassed all expectations, capturing perfectly the crazy aventura and mix that was the DNC.


    2. Sylvia/M says:

      Loved it. Just… wow. I’m getting sensory overload watching the doc; I only can imagine what feelings and sensations you guys were getting while living through those days in Denver. Great job, Nez.

    3. kyledeb says:

      Linked to this post and got the vimeo documentary up. Really good work, Nezua.

    4. RickB says:

      Very good, I enjoyed it a lot and wish that kind of coverage was something that could be seen in the mainstream. The integration of blogs/posts/im’s/email was superb, new media film making innovating at its best. The taxi driver was a sad reflection, all his concerns mutated by imperialism and racism [it’s the ruling class, stupid]. Seeing the Iran exhibit was really nice, I’d read about it but having a camera go through it felt much more evocative (in their concern at ripping off a trillion the warmongers have lost ground, looks like an attack on Iran is on the back burner for now, it will continue to be sanctions in an effort by the uranium rich/processing countries to maintain their monopoly while we are continued to be fed bullshit about it being about nuclear weapons, WMD, hmm a familiar ring…). Nice to hear Fuck the Police (was it a coin toss between that and Bulls on Parade?). The ICE raids were really relevant to the convention, also timed to be covered by that distraction and of course the media ignored it, you gave them their proper significance. And finally Discobama! Except how is a rubbish Euro hair metal band disco? I mean Denver has some questions to answer on policing but the disco issue is key!

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    7. nezua says:

      RickB, you cracked me up. So true on DISCOBAMA…that became sort of a laugh to us. it was the utter face of absurdity, and a great symbol of how commerce is so tied into these events (clearly, the joint is not normally named “Discobama”). On that commerce tip, I wanted to work the fact in, a few more in, actually, the fact that a latina women going home on the bus said the DNC was hiring help for the convention at about half the normal going rate, too.

      i know, Fuck the Police was an obvious choice! but i had to do it, plus RATM ties into these conventions, especially when you consider the RNC convention, where they tried to hold a free rally and were shut down, etc, marches ensued…

      thanks for the comments. 🙂

    8. cripchick says:

      thanks, nezua, for all the work you put in this. it hit hard and reminds me that the mainstream media will never speak our truths & it is in our hands to do so

      love to you

    9. nezua says:

      thanks so much, cripchick. comments like yours mean a lot.

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    11. sweetleaf says:

      top of the bar…it gave me chuckles, tears, and fears…
      “police brutality is just a formality” – a cop’s smirk tells it, the iranian women with the banners, beautifully depicted, the horror of ice, the fate of ending up with the metro taxi man. excellence in catching the embodiment of the isms and ignorance, plus hope through the identification of, by the lens/eye of the film maker. what was being shown you – to give to us. staying with what is important…reality circle and the components of what makes it so.
      awesome awesome job of putting it all together nezua. thank you too, to kenneth cole productions, for knowing who to send and backing it up. walking the talk. yes. yes. yes.

    12. nezua says:

      thanks so much, sweetleaf. 🙂 means a lot.

    13. sweetleaf says:

      just realized from reading mundane…i stand corrected…circle of sanity, not reality circle…sorry…i probably had the same problems in school je je 🙂 back to mundane.

    14. RC says:

      I guess I will have to break down and order the dvd. This thing on dial up is lame.

      I sent you an email titled IZUM. More info there.

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