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kiss you in private; f**k you in public

OH...SENATOR? Can I interrupt your well-managed, well-lit, well-scripted campaign for un momento? I really, really, really dig your handsome biography photo and the poignant life story thing. But I have just a tiny little question. I know you don't want your fancy friends to hear this, you care about women starving to death?


The Goodness in the World

I WANTED TO WRITE TODAY OF MARCELLA GRACE EILER'S LIFE and not of her death. I wanted to talk about how she was young, only 20 years old and already interested in serving as protection for indigenous rights; of how she was from Eugene, Oregon. I wanted to write about what she was doing in Oaxaca and what kinds of things she was interested in, like teaching dance.


¡La Revolución es Cultural!

IN ALL WAYS it pays every day to turn our backs on the corrupt, corporate, soulless and mediocre messaging being pushed down our throats and into our ears. Hypnotists and salesmen for the Murkan SleepDream are working fulltime behind the glossy televised scenes, and they can shift from disaster to pablum to syrupycheer quicker than you can move your hands to plug up your ears.


Nezua’s DNC 08 Documentary

XOLAGRAFIK PRODUCTIONS releases a Fight All ISMs Venture: VENEER AND LOATHING, The Pollatix of Grain and Periphery, a 25 minute documentary of the Democratic National Convention as seen through the eyes of a few bloggers, officially credentialed and traveling the fringe.


Obama Answers Sanctuary Survey, McCain Too Scared

WHILE OUR ORIGINAL INTENT was to present a meaningful side-by-side comparison of both Senator Obama's and Senator McCain's answers to our survey in order to better inform voters, Senator McCain's unwillingness to answer questions or go on the record with his positions on the specific details covered in the questionnaire has made this impossible.


Right Wing Astroturf Group Faking Hispanic Creds Exposed

FRAIDYCAT MCCAIN and his Republican cronies and conspirers continue to do what they always do: lie to us, pretend to be what they ain't, and endeavour to use us to feed their own power. This is not our people. This is liars wearing masks that have a McCain face painted on the outside, and blood of nuestra gente dripping down the inside, where they can sniff and lick at it in privacy, feeding their vampiric lifestyles and political agendas.


One Semester of Spanish Love Song

OKAY, at first I was in pain listening to this guy sing. But by the time I got to "perdoname" and his throaty rose number singing, I was cracking up. Here's a little YouTubeness to take off the heavy edge we often get into round here.


Brandishing the Arbusto Doctrine

The elites in so many nations lie and steal and cheat their way into power. And then once there, they do nothing to alleviate the imbalances and injustices that drive so many less-empowered humans to find other ways to support themselves or find tenable ways and places to live.


Viernes. Cielo Rojo.

LET THE MUSIC of the powerful and inspiring and beautiful musician Lila Downs soothe and lift you into the start of this weekend. And may your moments today and tomorrow be as harmonious and energizing as her voice and talents are.


Grenades During El Grito

There are simple ways to end so many conflicts today. We could stop seeking punitive measures in addressing human and natural reaction to economic imbalance and hardship. We could change our fearful, reactive, greedy, other-ing philosophies. We could focus on helping, giving, healing, growing—not bombing, fearing, hoarding, killing. Sadly, though, the powers that be do not want such a world.


ACTION ALERT: Ana Romero and Her Suspicious Death

THEY ARE KILLING US OFF in the dark. These trapdoors swinging open, these cells swinging shut. These are not just "my people." These are, in fact, all of our people. A "migrant worker" or an "immigrant" is just a word. An "illegal alien" is a human being just like all of us. A living, eating, working, hoping, fearing, dreaming human being.


Cindy McCain’s Husband Confused Again

POOR JOHN MCCAIN. First he says he cares about migrants and their plight, and then he doesn't. First he is for comprehensive and humane immigration reform...and then...I mean, really. Who the hell knows what he's saying anymore.


Happy Independence Day, México!

WE CAN LET THIS ENERGY RESONATE AND RISE within us today. We can break free of oppressive thought, habit, or desire. We can choose, even for only one moment if need be, to return to the powerful and timeless and unexpendable core of energy that animates and motivates all peoples who seek freedom from tyranny, abuse, control, or harm.


Mi Familia. Mi orgullo. Nuestra historia.

Soy Indio y Euro, soy mestizo, soy Latino. I am the conqueror and the conquered, I am the field and the worker and the hungry consumer; I am all these things, but my heritage is and will always be la lucha. And that is why I am here many days. For mi gente are still in the fields. It is not a thing of the past.


DNC08 Slideshow

I'VE BEEN DEEP IN THE MIX for days and putting together the first video to come out of my DNC/RNC experiences. It will be about 20 - 25 minutes, a longer documentary than I've ever released to others, and probably not strict "documentary," but it tells a story and it has fun doing so. Meanwhile, here's a short slideshow of that same trip, put together by an amigo who was also there.