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McCain Gets Punk’d by Paris

August 6th, 2008 § 10 comments

ALL I HAVE TO SAY is that when Paris Hilton is the one to make you look like a dumbass in public? You’ve got some serious problems, my friend(s). Paris Hilton showing up a presidential candidate is like George W Bush being begged by Mensa to spearhead their organization. It’s not something you expect to witness while alive and awake and sane. But that’s our man Mesozoic McCain. Turning reality on its confused, melanoma-riddled head.

Here’s Paris Hilton’s response to John McCain’s “Celebrity” ad, wherein McCain tried to scare the nation by showing how blonde women could actually occupy the same video frame as a black man.

Hilton, without so much as sitting forward, makes a mockery of the McCain Brain. Which ought to scare the nation if they are paying any attention.



John McCain. He’s already dead but nobody wants to embarrass him and say it out loud! He’s like…that guy in The Sixth Sense, if you replace Bruce Willis’ charisma with rotten pie crust and then brush half off. John McCain. He’s that guy at the party with war on the terrorized brain and yesterday’s toilet paper stuck to his shoes. McCain. He’s so delirious from running on a dying motor that he imagines it’s actually winsome to remind everyone that nobody likes him. He forgets we’re everyone…and we already know we don’t like him!

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§ 10 Responses to McCain Gets Punk’d by Paris"

  • You know what’s ironic, you got yourself a geniune McCain ad following.

    I gotta give it to Paris, I was unaware of her speaking skills. ‘xcept I don’t want to stinky compromise of offshore drilling which cannot be done without risks and sure as hell won’t change the price of gas.

    I knowz you saw McCain offering up his wife at Sturgis.

    Love and Light all the day long.

    Modern Musings

    Oh yeah, I don’t want a generic avatar, uhhmm. Can we change that?

  • Sylvia/M says:

    Ironically her “hybrid” energy plan is similar to what the GOP is trying to push through in this special session it wants! How coincidental!

    She did a great job with that commercial.

  • nezua says:

    ohi know danielle. anytime i write on either of these fellas, i get those ads. at the same time, people do click on ads and google does pay me for that. so…until the blogging thing pays a little better, we can deal with it i hope.

    yes, saw the wet t shirt contest with cindy mccain.

    visit this site, sign up with them, upload a gravatar and use the email associated with it at this blog. this will then display whatever icon you upped to the gravatar site.

  • nezua says:

    yes, what a coincidence, eh, sylvia? surrre. 😉

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  • EYES OF TEXAS says:

    Have any of you Obama pinheads noticed the sudden drop in oil prices? This decline was created by the sheer mention that the U.S. would possibly start drilling offshore. Could you imagine how much more the price would drop if the U.S. actually went into a serious drilling mode? A barrel of crude would drop below $100.00 a barrel overnight. Pump prices would follow. We have to become independent of foreign oil and at the same time find alternative energy sources, but that could take another half century. So, in the mean time, start punching some holes offshore.

  • nezua says:

    HEY. You don’t walk in here and start calling names. Do you think you are at your buddy’s place? Your pal’s garage? Your chum’s greezy couch? This is my joint. Feel free to speak your point of view, but I require the poise of at least a 13 year old next time.

  • Lilly says:

    Love your site, the words, the graphics, todo. I am telling mi gente to come visit.

    I have to respond to the “low information” eyes’ comment. Oil prices are down because demand has gone down since May and continues as we shift our thinking and become more efficient. Fifth graders know that balance.


    It helps that China is ordering their factories to close and citenzery to drive every other day too…yeah that helps just a bit to stock up the inventories. They will rise again when the Olympic torch burns out or we drive more again.

    Wall St. is always ahead of those numbers, closing the Enron loophole would prevent so much speculation. Enron Loophole deregulation policy courtesy of McCain’s economic advisor Gramm.


    anyway eyes of Tx could very well open them before he comments on informed sites.

    okay back to reading your site…

  • nezua says:

    lilly, thanks for dropping info in the wake of ignorance. i always appreciate that, and appreciate your words, too.

    i should not have even stooped to calling names in return [and have since edited it out]. i just get used to the intelligent and thoughtful dialogue generally held here, and for some reason was taken by surprise for a moment. silly me.

    i am pretty sure EYES OF TEXAS got themselves banned at the last blog i had, elgrito, and i’ll do it again if they still haven’t learned how to disagree with respect.

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