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Change in the Weather

HURRICANE GUSTAV bears down and threatens more destruction to the gulf coast. Here are some links to take action and stay informed. If you follow them you should find all you need. Meanwhile, stay safe, help anyone you can, and be well.


Hope and Change. Divide and Conquer. Stand Together.

PART OF WHAT makes me feel gross inside this hoopla, this ultra hyper TV extravaganza-palooza that both parties are telegasming 24-7 is ICE, cracking down with serious force on gente while the popcorn is being buttered and the lights being dimmed.


The New World Order, One Political Festival at a Time

MEMBERS OF RECREATE '68, The Troops Out Now Coalition, Unconventional Action, and the People's Law Collective give a Press Conference informing the public of the previous day's actions and abuse perpetrated by the Police, as well as the Denver Police Department's refusal to honor the lawful permit held by Recreate '68.


DNC -> RNC 2008 (Falling Forward)

Tweet CAN’T IMAGINE who thought booking these two conventions next to each other by only two days was anything but cruel to the people who are supposed to bring some news home. This post lacks links where they would help because I am on the [...]


The DNC Ends; Circle of Sanity Rules

Tweet SO I DIDNT BLOG AS MUCH as I thought I would but this keyboard makes it tough. Tonight I will be home and plan to write a little. And I think in the next two days (before I leave for the RNCC) I will [...]


Day 1.5 in Denver

Tweet SO THIS IS THE FIRST DAY of political activity. Yesterday was simply a day for getting into town, paying NINETY DOLLARS for a cab to the hotel, meeting up with some peeps, being served beers by a referee, and running around town with Kai–who [...]


Nezua iBlogs the DNCC/RNCC!

TOMORROW I FLY TO DENVER where I am covering the Democratic National Convention as an Officially Credentialed Blogga. Yours truly will be hefting his videocamerasuavamente and like a cyberxicanistic Zorro, parrying his slim and svelte iPhone in hopes of capturing the Riot Cops using thier New Diarrhea Guns on the unruly. Then, on September 1, I’m off to St. Paul to cover the RNCC. Tap into this Neztronica. Here's how.


Denver, Denver, Here I come…

I AM PREPARING to fly, in two days, to Denver, where I will attend the Democratic National Convention as an officially credentialed blogger. Yours truly will be hefting his mighty black videocamera and swiftly whipping out his slim and classy iPhone in hopes of capturing bits and pieces of all the action to send back home to thee. Then, on September 1, I'm off to St. Paul to cover the RNCC.


And now, no news.

THERE IS STILL A LOT GOING ON in the world, and every day, and many thoughts in my mind, and much moving through my heart. But I seem to have pulled back a bit, once again, from the flow of news and commentary. I'm sure it's like a circuit breaker to keep me sane.


Their Villages Are Dying

THEIR VILLAGES ARE DYING. They come from towns with no future, from families with no food. They are lucky to bring a ragged toothbrush on the trip and luckier to avoid rape, murder, or starvation on the way. On the way to hope. On the way to nothing, really, but a desperate dream of survival, a mirage of prosperity, the Land of Opportunity. Where Lady Liberty holds her lamp high...so the squads of ICEmen can see well enough to snatch up the hunger-wracked wanderers and hurl them into the frothy maw of Camp Halliburton.


Como se Dice Yo No Entiendo [The Skin of my Soul 9]

Taking Spanish classes in 2006 wasn't easy. I had to leave my friend behind. My friend, my magical power, my lifeboat. The English Language. I had to agree, for an hour at a time, to get out and walk. To know nothing. (Or very little.) To be quiet. Or I didn't have to agree to be quiet. But for once, there was no other choice.


Welcome to the Machine.

WE IMAGINED THE TELESCREEN and got the Essence right. But the Symbol we did not. We didn't see that we'd not have them as TVs, but as computers. And we imagined them bolted down. And we never imagined they wouldn't be mandatory, but sought after as prizes and status symbols. And we didn't imagine we'd not try to slip out of their sightline, as Winston did, but that we would strip down naked and dance in front of them at nearly every opportunity.