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To Split like a Seed and Become a New

SO HOW LONG our own bloody transition? And without a goal. And rife with lies. And the priests do not join with the people do not join with the warriors today. We are all at odds, enjoined by lies. And blood flows in many lands at the hands of our warriors—who know not even why or for what they fight. And we hide their rituals from the people. And replace them with lies.


We Stand in No (Every) Place

I am far more comfortable navigating the in-between than I am in any Place. I like no thing as much as the coming and going from one to another. It is on the purpling beaches of dusk and the roseing gauze of dawn that my true eye shines lidless and I see so much more than in broad daylight.


Aztec Angel [Luis Omar Salinas]

I am the Aztec Angel fraternal partner of an orthodox society where pachuco children hurl stones through poetry rooms and end up in cop cars their bones itching


Luna y panorama de los insectos (Poema del amor)

Mi corazón tendría la forma de un zapato if a siren lived in every village. Pero la noche es interminable when it leans on the sick and there are ships that want to be seen para poder hundirse tranquilos.


Pablo’s Very Terrible, Horrible, No Good Week

SOMETIMES YOU JUST SEEM TO HAVE A STREAK of bad luck. And sometimes a friend does and all you can do is feel deep empathy and gratitude you didn't even know could come sneaking up with such strength. What can we do to prepare for emergencies where the ground gives out under our very own feet? Don't rest all your weight on Insurance Companies, that's one lesson.


Jon Justice and his Rape Fantasy Revenge

HOW DO YOU PROPERLY RECOGNIZE a woman like Isabel Garcia? A woman who works tirelessly as a public defender and activist for those without voice, a woman whose efforts have helped make Coalición de Derechos Humanos an effective reality, a woman who is so effective in what she does that the Mexican government has awarded her the 2006 Premio Naciónal de Derechos Humanos—never before given to a US Citizen? How do you celebrate such a bright light?


FDA Issues Deadly Corrido Alert

However you look at it, it's becoming clear that growing our own food will soon be a necessary component of health and safety. As the food economy is repeatedly hatcheted by a fumbling and stumbling FDA; as plants, slaughterhouses, and restaurants are hit hard due to ICE raids, food preparation and cleanliness is suffering, supply is suffering and at times drying up, and most importantly, our food is simply longer viable in many important ways.


Dolly Comes to Town

From the AP: Rain started to fall along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Dolly closed in on towns straddling the Texas-Mexico border, packing 85 mph winds that could strengthen when it hits land later Wednesday. The Category 1 hurricane was expected to dump up to 15 inches of rain, threatening flooding that could breach levees in the heavily populated Rio Grande valley.


Hey. You. Feedreader. C’mere.

THIS IS A SHORT AND SIMPLE REQUEST to all my lovely friends in FeedReaderLand. Yes, you! The one reading me now in an RSS reader, or a google aggregator, in Bloglines or in Buzz or Greatnews or Newsfire or NetNewsWire and so on! You see, you—being the jazzy and hip tech-savvy sort—don't visit blog pages individually so much anymore, and that's cool. We miss you in the 'hood, but it's all good...


Shakespeare’s Ode to Menudo

In a first for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a five-day series of events paying tribute to the Hispanic/Latino culture is planned Wednesday, July 23, through Sunday, July 27, on the OSF campus. Festival Latino is the realization of a dream by new Artistic Director Bill Rauch and the OSF company to celebrate Hispanic/Latino culture and to offer open captions in Spanish of OSF performances.


The Dark Knight (on Terror)

The Dark Knight (on Terror)

"You think the city's better now?" the Joker leers at the Law through a video screen. Matted hair, caked-up makeup and eyes wild and wide. "THIS IS HOW INSANE GOTHAM IS!" And he personifies the madness into which society is descending.


Mexico relaxes penalties on undocumented

I wonder how many people really think that the so-called "immigration problem" really has to do with inadequate amounts of walls and weaponry strung across one part of this land? Or that the crux is simply Mexico's economy? People are embarking on long, amazingly ambitious and dangerous sojourns, and from further away than Mexico.


Meta Meta Foreva & Eva

I have long been a fan of the sliding scale system of payment, having gone to more than a few offices or services in my day that catered to the poverty stricken. That's pretty much how I run my business. I know my work is worth a lot, because I put a lot into it and I see and have seen the competition for years. But if someone is just broke due to their job or where they are at in life, I like to allow for that. Likewise...


Ed Kennedy Snags Aztec Eagle

Mexico has awarded Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy the country's highest honor for his work defending the rights of immigrants during his decades in Congress. "He has denounced injustices suffered by immigrants," and "promoted initiatives to promote full political participation and increased access to health and education services for the Mexican-American community," the official announcement said.


Francis D. Siciliano, Anti-American and DHS Stooge

The Republicans must be so proud! Whether its rigging elections, invading nations, lying to the US populace, dismissing the Nuremburg decision and the Geneva Conventions, outing CIA agents or dissuading brand new American Citizens from voting, Republicans sure know how to piss all over the United States Flag.


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